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Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Freezing on cutscenes.

xanthanxanthan Member Posts: 5
edited May 2014 in Android (Archive)
Exactly as the title says, the game freezes on any cutscene after maybe 10 to 15ish seconds. Yes, including one at the very beginning with the castle background and text crawl. I managed to skip it, already knowing what it says but when I got to the one where your foster father is killed it froze after he cast mirror image. I can sort of understand freezing on something like a magic heavy fight, but it freezing on the text crawl at the VERY beginning before the first paragraph has finished being read just seems odd, what part of that could cause it to freeze?

Should I add anything like model number?


  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    What's the version number displayed on the main title screen?

  • xanthanxanthan Member Posts: 5
    edited May 2014
    Dee said:

    What's the version number displayed on the main title screen?


    Edit, 5/16/2014
    And installed a custom rom, Pimpdroid if it matters, on my Tab a few days ago. Game runs MUCH better with only slight stutters. Great improvement, no idea how it worked.

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  • RafaelLVXRafaelLVX Member Posts: 14
    Here's me having the same problem you had on a Galaxy Tab 3 8" with both stock and LiquidSmooth roms, though with LiquidSmooth I had GPU tweaking options (such as forcing GPU use for 2D drawing, etc.) I got somewhat better results with:

    - Force GPU rendering (for 2D drawings) - OFF
    - Show GPU view updates - OFF
    - Show hardware layers updates - OFF
    - Debug GPU overdraw - deactivated
    - Debug non-rectangular clip operations - deactivated
    - Force 4x MSAA (in OpenGL ES 2.0 apps) - OFF
    - Disable HW overlays (always use GPU for screen compositioning) - ON

    With all options off (default), no cutscenes are displayed (the sound of the cutscenes can be heard normally). With only the last option enabled as seen above, cutscenes are displayed, though with a lot of freezing (image freezes once every one or two seconds) and sound is heard normally.

    Other options on with Disable HW overlays also on give similar results but didn't justify the switch.

    I'd like to see solutions coming from the game devs (for my problem anyway), but then I hope this helps.

  • RafaelLVXRafaelLVX Member Posts: 14
    Another note, tried with a different ROM, the popular CyanogenMod 11, it has the same tweaking options of Liquid Smooth and the same effect (playable but with the same problems).

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