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Doors: what gives?

dehrodehro Member Posts: 2
I just installed the game last week, I think it's the 1.3 version. My tablet is a Sony experia Z.
All went well with the main game and the black pits. The black pits are still doing just fine.
However, in the main game, I have reached the Friendly Arms but am unable to open the door... which kind of puts 90% of the plot on hold, as far as I can remember from playing the game ages ago.
I've found another thread
where it is suggested that I can work around the bug by disabling the hardware mouse cursor in the graphics menu. The trouble is, I CANNOT ACCESS THE GRAPHICS OPTIONS. the button to access them is dull and doesn't work whereas all others are bright and do lead me to the other options.
how do I get access to the graphic options? how do I fix the door issue? 2 and a half GB are a lot of space wasted for a game that I can't play.


  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    Which door are you having trouble with? Your post makes it sound like you're having trouble with the main double-door to enter the inn itself, which I haven't seen on my own device.

    If you can take a screenshot of the door you're having trouble with I should be able to shed some light on it.

  • dehrodehro Member Posts: 2
    ahem... derp...
    turns out I completely misremembered and forgot that the actual entrance to the tavern is up the stairs. if not for your reference to the main double door I'd still be standing there headbutting the entrance to someone's shed.
    I was trying to enter the first door on the left, right north of the main gate.
    Not sure if you're even supposed to be able to access it at all. (but if not, why let you open the door and then go no further? might as well just keep it locked.. it was a bit confusing... still is.)
    anyhoo, all the other doors I have so far encountered seem to work just fine, so I'll just ignore that one door and hope no quest is hidden behind it.

  • cmk24cmk24 Member Posts: 605
    edited June 2014
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