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Death on reload of save game

I am running across an issue that is getting progressively worse. When I fully heal everyone in my party and restock etc., I then save. But when I reload that save, my main character (Beastmaster) looses nearly ALL health and I have to rest again to recoup that health. It is getting worse, in that those save files that used to work are now loading directly to the DEATH screen. The game has become unplayable because of it. What is going on? Is there a fix? Or at the very least a "work-around"?


  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    edited July 2014
    @Mongoooos, it's a known problem caused by the death of your familiar. You can read more about it here.

    If you upload a savegame here, several people (including me) will be able to fix it. If you do, let me know if you want to simply fix the bug (i.e. remove just the HP loss on reload) or also remove the permanent constitution penalty (some may consider this cheating).

    To upload a savegame you have to zip/rar the whole "00000000num - something" folder.

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