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Move save from Android to PC and vice-versa


I did what I was hoping would be an awesome feature - copied my Android save to my PC. It worked! I mean I loaded the game properly but haven't played much because I was wondering something.

Would it be safe to play on the PC with the Android save and then switch back when I want to play on my Android device? I have all of the content in the Android version. The only obvious difference is that the PC version is and the Android version is 1.3.x.x. I'm even thinking of setting up a sync between the two so that I can play wherever/whenever I want.

So, do you think this is a nice feature? Do you know of some unresolvable differences in the content/mechanics between the two versions? I'd love to hear developer opinion on this. It is super awesome to have compatibility across platforms and this is also a great selling point :P


  • GlorenBronzebeardGlorenBronzebeard Member Posts: 45
    Test it with a less important character... I'm buying bg PC version if this works.... Would be sweet to play on my PC... Load my dude to android, then head out for BG on the go

  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,249
    It should work fine, as long you use identical or no mods on both installations, and the version #s are the same. Unfortunately, they aren't the same right now, so you could run into trouble going back and forth between 1.2 and 1.3. Maybe not, though!

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    edited May 2014
    We've ported saves from different versions of Baldur's Gate for a long time now and it's worked so i can't see why this wouldn't work.

  • simichsimich Member Posts: 13
    edited June 2014
    May I ask whom do you mean by 'we' and which are these different versions?

    If I don't have Neera on Android and I import a save from PC with her in my party, that'll probably be an invalid save on Android. I'm looking for such cases. I'm playing vanilla BGEE.

    I haven't played with my ported save yet but I'll definitely try it.

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    edited June 2014
    When i said 'we' i meant the Baldur's Gate community on the PC. We've had different versions of the game (Tutu, BGT, Original, BGEE) and 'almost' never had any problem when it came to saves.

    If you don't have Neera on one of them and you're using her in your party that would most likely cause a problem. I think you'll still be able to load the save but you'll probably face some minor errors and she won't be there.

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  • simichsimich Member Posts: 13
    This sounds promising.Thanks for the clarification, SionIV.

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    Just keep a backup of your save. The worst that could happen is that your save gets destroyed.

  • GlorenBronzebeardGlorenBronzebeard Member Posts: 45
    Anyone try this? I don't want to buy on PC less I can switch over

  • WalstafaWalstafa Member Posts: 116
    It works fine, I found an app called Cheetah Sync elsewhere on the boards and it does the job great. As a regular commuter I've been bouncing saves back and forth between my laptop (running 1.2) and my Nexus 7 (1.3) since Android was released with no issue. In fact the only downside is I can't quite bring myself to start B2 on the PC knowing I won't be able to take my game with me on the move yet.

  • GlorenBronzebeardGlorenBronzebeard Member Posts: 45
    Oh cool Walstafa, sounds like it works out. I only have 2 more questions tho. 1.) did you buy Neera and the black guard on your android? and if not, does this make saves incompatable? (guess this is 2 questions) and 2.) Do you have the STEAM EE edition? or do you think I could get away with avoiding STEAM and getting it on GOG Dunno if they are the same... pretty sure GOG is not EE tho... so ima have to spend the extra 10 for the steam version.

  • WalstafaWalstafa Member Posts: 116
    edited June 2014
    1. Yes I did. Dunno what would happen moving a PC save to a non-Neera/Dorn android client.
    2. No, got EE on the PC before it moved to Steam, so it's the stand-alone client.

  • AristilliusAristillius Member Posts: 873
    Gog does not have the ee-edition. I would recommend buying it from (directly from the devs) as they get a larger portion of the money that way :) You also get patches faster that way.

    Anyway, save transfer works great :)

  • simichsimich Member Posts: 13
    Chiming in after playing my Android save on the PC after Nashkel Mines. I bought everything on Android (as well as the game to support the devs), so excluding the possible inconsistencies in the available content I hadn't had any problems with my save. I'll still have to test copying it back to Android (haven't had the chance to play on my phone since then).

    The solution by @Wastafa should also work I guess since it's only copying files back and forth.

    Off-topic: I saw people asking about where to buy the game from and I'll say it with a hand on my heart - buy from Beamdog since the devs will get most money from there. With everything they do with this amazing game (fixing so many bugs, adding content, etc.) they're doing a unique fan service that I doubt the game industry has ever seen. It's so amazing that the least we can do is support the team as much as possible and show them that we appreciate it.

  • R0GUER0GUE Member Posts: 26
    edited July 2014
    I can't seem to find the BG:EE Folder on my Android - do I have to be rooted? I don't know how to do this and I'm not sure if it is a good idea. Any advice?

  • WalstafaWalstafa Member Posts: 116
    The File's in ' \Android\data\com.beamdog.baldursgateenhanced '. You don't need to be rooted to see your file structure, but you might want to download a file explorer app, I use ES File Explorer.

  • R0GUER0GUE Member Posts: 26
    Got it working perfectly, even set up Cheetah Sync. Thanks for the help Walstafa!

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