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Question about armor

keyboardkeyboard Member Posts: 2
So basically:
I have kagain in my party who has 12 dex.
With all the items i gave him he has 0 armor class.

I just found "the brawling hands" which gives the user 18 dex
So i gave them to kagain and his armor went up to 4!
Why is that? Shouldn't more dexterity give more armor? Or at least not make armor worse?


  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,752
    Setting dexterity from 12 to 18 gives you a bonus of 4 AC. In your case AC would increase from 0 to -4. The missing negative sign might be a display issue.

    The upper right section of the inventory screen shows a list of all AC modifying effects. You can double-check the current AC by adding all values from the list and comparing it with the displayed result. Just make sure that he isn't under any temporary spell effect that might falsify the result.

  • keyboardkeyboard Member Posts: 2
    Thank you
    It's true
    The "-" sign was missing
    He has -4 AC

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