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Bug with Haz at the doors of vampire's lair

UlyssesUlysses Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
Hello everyone, i have a problem with the game, i joined the shadow thieves and were going to enter the vampire's lair at the graveyard district. I met Haz, his golem smashed the door, but i didn't expect enemies and reloaded, and this time Haz was absent. I have been playing with my char about 50 hours, because of that new game is not quite good option. I was wondering, is it possible to do something with the bug, restart the chapter or spawn Haz with the Golem, for example. Please, i would really appreciate any help.

P.S. I am sorry for my poor english.

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  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,767
    Did Lassal also not show up in front of the doors to the vampire lair? If he didn't, chances are high that no vampires have been spawned at all. In that case you can trigger their creation by entering the following line into the game console while you are in the underground area:

    If only Haz and his golem are missing, you can enter the following lines into the console and hope for the best:
    You should do it near the location where Haz is supposed to wait for your party to arrive.

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