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Bow/Crossbow damage Bug

NorrissonNorrisson Member Posts: 1
Shooting with magic bolts or arrows does no bonus damage.

This first occurs somewhere in BGII EE. Im not sure if I was in multiplayer or singleplayer when I wondered why my char with Strong Arm +2, arrows +3, DEX 19 and STR 20 deals only 4-9 dmg.
All characters with bows or crossbows have this issue, sling and thrown axe dmg seems to be normal.

first I thought of a corrupted savegame, but starting a new game didnt solved the problem. even reinstalling the game (via beamdog client) made no difference. Importing the savegame to another pc leads to the same problem.

Sometimes I play with a friend via TCP (he on Mac as host, I on Win) an we also get the bug, but if eh plays on singleplayer everything is fine.

Any ideas?


  • TJ_HookerTJ_Hooker Member Posts: 2,438
    edited August 2014
    This isn't a bug. It's always been like this in BG2, even in vanilla. It's consistent with the item descriptions, which list a THAC0 bonus, but no damage bonus.

    And dexterity is irrelevant to damage. Strength does affect some ranged weapons, but only throwing axes/daggers and slings (although I think it might be bugged for some daggers right now).

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