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Couple of questions about Yoshimo in BG1 and a tavern rumour...

MhamzaMhamza Member Posts: 228
When you first recruit Yoshimo, you have a dialogue option that implies you've heard of him. I think it's ''THE Yoshimo? Feared by all?'' option. Now Yoshimo's journal (if you have unfinished business and took his heart to a temple of Ilmater) states that he spent some time in Beregost in the Jovial Juggler. So, I'm wondering if there are any hints that are about Yoshimo appearing in BG2 that were in BG1, just like Centeol and Jon Irenicus. Something like a rumor after donating to a temple or buying a drink at a tavern.

On the topic of taverns, I have another question, The rumours that appear after buying a drink are usually connected to some sort of quest. One rumor involves unrest among Maztican slaves in an Amnian colony. To my knowledge, there hasn't been a quest that expands on it but I could be wrong. If so, was it originally planned, but cut due to time restraints ala the wonderfully brilliant kidnapping of Boo? If not, then are there any compatible mods that expand on it? Or was it just a vague teaser of Anomen's TOB ending, since he does end up going to Maztica and defeating a crazy dark priest?

Thanks in advance.

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  • BusticationBustication Member Posts: 49
    The answer to both questions is I'm afraid not.

    On Yoshimo: The dialogue line is sarcasm. (Oh, you're THE Mhamza, beguiler of salmon? Can I have your autograph?) The diary from unfinished business is a mod attempt to restore the (IMO awesome) plot element of Yoshimo being Tamoko's brother, which didn't make it to release. In said journal, his night in the Juggler takes place after the battle in the Undercity and is his first clue that his sister's dead.

    On Maztican Colonists: This is just Forgotten Realms flavor text, like the town criers; no direct relation to any quest.

  • MhamzaMhamza Member Posts: 228
    I kinda thought that it would be sarcasm since Yoshi's bio states he's surprised you've never heard of him but it doesn't hurt to speculate.

    On Maztica: Are there any good mods that allow you to go there? I heard Alternatives allows you to but I'm not sure if it's compatible or not.

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