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Quick response from advanced players (noob here)

Hi guys I just got in to BG series and I began playing on my android tab which was pretty awesome. I noticed on the tab there was an option to turn on player health bars, shows were chests are and if they are locked, where housing entrances are and left NPC names on over their heads so you dont have to scroll over their heads. Anyways I picked up the BG series on PC 1 and 2 of the EE and I cant seem to turn that option on. The TAB button kinda works but doesn't show you if the chests are locked and some doors are not displayed and it doesn't show name plates on NPC's at all. You just have to know where they are or get lucky scrolling over them with your mouse. Is there a option or mod that can fix all of this? I like the layout on the android but BG2EE is not out on that platform yet and I want to give the pc a go at it.



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