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Stuck on Bodhi Bug- Can't Progress in Game

Hello all,

I chose Bodhi as my assistance in reaching chapter 4, but during my first playthrough, I couldn't engage her in conversation after killing Aran. I attempted starting from all points at which I had a save file, but to the same end. After reading very few reports of the same problem and coming across no solutions, I decided I'd encountered a problem unlikely to occur again. Perhaps stupidly, I started a brand new game file and pursued the same choices (Bodhi). This time I saved well before Aran fight, but I'm at the same dead end and I cannot initiate dialogue with Bodhi regardless of the circumstances under which I kill Aran.

Are there other prerequisites to entering chapter 4 aside from the completion of the task Bodhi has assigned me? My Journal reflects the fact that I have killed Aran and should report back to Bodhi. This is my first post for any bug of any game (typically I'm capable of locating a forum on my problem and troubleshoot my own issues), but there doesn't seem to be a reported solution to this bug. Help Please!!!



  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,204
    I imagine you can skip chapters and/or set quest states using the console, though I wouldn't know how. Only ever used the thing back in vanilla to create tomes. Someone around here probably does know how though.

  • lelag200lelag200 Member Posts: 120
    edited August 2014
    I am at this very point in the game with a friend.. though we haven't returned to Bodhi yet. Is Killing Aran the last thing before chapter 4? If so, then you can do as silverstar said and initiate chapter 4 through the console (I think). If we have this problem and find a solution, I'll let you know. Some of these bugs kill me as they were nonexistant in vanilla version :/ 'enhanced'.

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