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To the G3 Crew

MeanbunnyMeanbunny Member Posts: 107
Hey everyone, first off I want to say I am not sure if this is the correct place to be posting this, but when I thought about the subject, I couldn't come up with a good answer as to how this is not BG related. In fact, I think the subject at hand has a lot to do with us all being here today on this amazing forum.

About a decade ago or so. I stumbled upon the Gibberlings 3 Forums. I was young and knew nothing about mods, nothing about coding, scripting, weidu or anything of that sort. At the time, I thought that it was just another random forum dedicated to a certain game or topic that had many other clones around just like it. In fact, due to being a member of similar forums before for other games, I was actually worried about how long G3 would be around. I thought that with time, the popularity of BG and the other IE games would wane and so would the activity on G3.

When I first came to the forums, I remember asking for help writing a script for Garrick, my bard on BG1. I knew nothing about scripting, and expected to be forwarded to a scripting guide which I would of course do my best to learn the language and write my own scripts. Then, something happened that I never expected and that never happened on any of the other gaming forums I had been on before. Someone took the time out of their day to make me a script from scratch, free of charge. Now I know some of you are probably saying, "Big deal, I can write scripts in my sleep.", well for me it wasn't that easy at the time. I will always remember that kindness I got, and from that day on, my outlook on G3 was different than any other forum I had been on since. There passion for the IE was unmatched and you can really tell you were surrounded by people who truly loved these games.

Every other year or so, if I had to reformat, or didn't back up my HDD. I would go to G3, Spellhold Studios, Sorcerer's Palace, Black Wyvern's Lair and all those other IE game forums and I would download every mod known to man, just incase they disappeared one day. Like many games from the past, some of their content you can't find anymore because the websites have been taken down due to many varying factors. I would always think, I wonder how many more years we are gonna have of there being a group of awesome people being dedicated to BG.

Which brings me to recently. The release of BG:EE and BGII:EE. Revitalizing this amazing series and bringing players of new and old back to Candlekeep. Keeping this community and game relevant for a lot longer than the original developers I am sure ever imagined.

Now what is my point about this thread, and where does it tie in directly with BG?

I think that if it wasn't for people like @CamDawg and the Gibberlings modders and community, there may have never been enough interest to release an Enhanced Edition, thus us not being here making friends and having discussions here today. I pretty much just want to say thank you to Cam and all the others at G3 for keeping this masterpiece game alive for another, God knows, how many years.

What is more relevant to BG then being one of the driving forces behind the popularity and interest in the game? Not that much in my opinion.

PS: This is not a suck up to G3 or any of it's members. I do not know any of them personally and have nothing to gain from this. I just have always felt this way and I thought this would be a good place to put out my opinion. To those of you who appreciate it, I appreciate you. To those of you who don't care, that is fine too. No one is forced to read my comments. Have a great day everyone.

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  • FleshIsADesignFlawFleshIsADesignFlaw Member Posts: 39
    edited August 2014
    Well said. The BG modding community is/was incredible and definitly contributed to the continued interest in the games. BG1 was the first game I played through as a kid and it's just remarkable that so many years on there are still mods being made and that interest in the game has endured to the extent that an enhanced edition has been developed.

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