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Importing Characters from BGEE to BG2EE

I'm on a Mac. I just finished BGEE and want to import my character to BG2. in the option to import, I don't see any of the saved games or character files. I did some scanning on these forms, made hidden files visible and found my final save. I made a copy and created a SAVE directory in the same BG2 folders in my user/library file.

It still doesn't show. Is there something missing here?




  • brentmonroebrentmonroe Member Posts: 2
    I'm in the same situation and would appreciate some advice on how to import character or saved games from BGEE to BG2 on a Mac.
  • TommyboomerTommyboomer Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, I did read that before, it worked one just copied the who "Final - Save" folder over - it was the naming of the folder that kept it from showing up in BGIIEE. Interestingly, I can't find any character records. Needless to say, import done and it worked. Thanks.
  • Raphite01Raphite01 Member Posts: 20
    Resurrecting this thread to ask:

    When you import a BGEE character into BG2EE, does it keep the same portrait, even if that portrait isn't one of the options when creating a new BG2EE character? I'm wanting to use one of the new BGEE portraits, and would hate to change it when the character moves into BG2EE.
  • TonkaTangTonkaTang Member Posts: 2
    I was able to get the Library visible, but there are no BG folders in there. None in the Library/application support folder either. Where did you guys find these folders?
  • TonkaTangTonkaTang Member Posts: 2
    Found them. It's in Library/containers/com.beamdog.baldur'sgate/data/documents/baldur'sgate
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