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Generic Archer kit

RandyMcStudRandyMcStud Member Posts: 71
Does anyone know of a functional version for BG:EE?

Or would anyone be willing to make one? I have no idea how involved that would be, but if it were fairly straightforward, the Generic Archer kit was a fighter kit with the following attributes:

Same +1 to hit and damage every 3 levels with ranged weapons of a ranger archer, but didnt tail off at higher levels to +1 every 5 levels.

Same called shot ability

Same restriction to leather armour only.

Only able to specialise in melee weapons.

Other than that, there differences were down to the base class, no alignment or race restrictions, faster level progression, no stealth or spell casting. One major difference was being able to get grandmastery in slings and darts also, the slings being of particular interest to me as they scale far better in BG2 than bows and crossbows.


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