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What Alignment do you play and why?

CrowCrow Member Posts: 48
Discuss away.

Neutral Evil:
Because I can do it.
Because I want to do it.
Because I'd like to do it.
Because I can afford it.

My character, Crow, is a Shadowdancer, and a Shadowdancer is a Thief kit, I didn't want to play Robin Hood and Neutrality didn't seem right, also Shadowdancers cannot be Lawful because of their enigmatic nature, so Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil was left to me. I hated the idea of being Neutral while being Evil but the description fit the criteria of a thief much more than Chaotic did.

My first time playing BG was the EE Version sometime in March 2013, I wanted to play a Lawful Evil Monk but I also despise Humans with a passion, so I was left heartbroken *since only Humans can be monks* and stumbled upon the Thief class *which was my second choice.* Thief seemed as it could not hold a candle to Shadowkeeper and so Crow was born.

I know this turned into a little rant but I needed someone to know, and understand my pain.



  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,120

    "Victims; aren't we all?"


    Anyway, I think I prefer TN. That's what I'd be if I was a character in DnD.

  • SquireSquire Member Posts: 512
    I like to play Chaotic Good, because that's how I wish I was in real life, even though it's become a ridiculously overtired cliche, and tends to border on Gary Stu-ism in literature.

    However, I like to have appropriate negative consequences for being chaotic (who in their right mind would trust you to do anything when you're known to walk away on a whim, or believe a word you say when you're known to lie, cheat, and have no loyalty to anybody?)

  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,189
    Chaotic Good. I feel it's the best alignment for a "good" adventurer in a CRPG. I don't follow the rules, generally try to be a decent and helpful person and I'll be rummaging through people's houses because there be magical loot. I've never been able to understand Neutral Good from the descriptions in the older or newer games, but I assume Chaotic fits my playstyle better.

    As for evil characters I like Neutral Evil (just be selfish) and occasionally Lawful where I go for some sort of code of conduct. I don't play evil characters much though since it boils down to evil = stupid/unneccessarily cruel more often than not.

  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 48
    Really? I view good to often be overused, cliche, and a bit of an ego-boost type of alignment, if played right Evil can be fun! :D

  • SchneidendSchneidend Member Posts: 3,190
    I played Chaotic Good in my first run of BG like 15 years ago, but considering how often I killed Firebead or stole things, I was hardly doing it right.

    These days, I tend to stick with Lawful/Neutral and avoid Chaotic, whether Good, Neutral, or Evil. I'll just pick a few favorites I've been doing lately, though:

    Lawful Neutral - My Sith Warrior in The Old Republic MMO to a tee. The Sith Empire is what's best for the galaxy and the people in it, he adheres to an aristocratic sense of honor, and pragmatism tempered by a healthy doses of noble indulgences or a hunger for conflict is the rule of the day. He's also an abolitionist and an outspoken proponent of alien races having roles in the Empire, so on good days he's got Lawful Good tendencies.

    Chaotic Evil - My current Courier in Fallout: New Vegas. He's a cannibal, a murderer, and trying to work on taking over Caesar's Legion and New Vegas. Although not the sharpest knife in the drawer, he's no Chaotic Stupid/Stupid Evil. Instead of attacking New California Republic military bases with a brazen frontal assault, he usually sneaks in or disguises himself as an NCR soldier. Once he's inside and able to assassinate some of the folks carrying the more dangerous guns, he's tough enough to shrug off the attacks of the rest of the rabble while carving them up with a chainsaw or smashing them to pieces with a Nuka-Cola sign, cackling wildly the whole time. Now, how to eliminate Caesar while still remaining in cahoots with the Legion...

    Neutral Evil - Basically my evil Courier as a genasi swordmage in 4E D&D, although the alignment is simply called "Evil" in 4E. Less of a total loner psychopath in this incarnation, he is nevertheless a violent jerk. But, his companions are as skilled as he is, and their combat strategy is very cohesive, making them valuable resources of which he has a possessive attitude toward. Another party member is also a genasi, and since he believes genasi to be a sort of master race, he has an almost familial fondness for his fellow elemental. Like any proper Neutral/Lawful Evil villain, he sees friends and allies as pieces on the chessboard, not to be sacrificed lightly unless the gains far and away exceed the loss.

    Chaotic Neutral - A reformed supervillain in a superhero Fate game. He originally wanted nothing more than to play sports, but his super strength and invulnerability naturally barred from participating. Unable to achieve the adoration he desired as a sports star, and chagrined that the only 'field' in which his powers were 'acceptable' was being a superhero, he turned to crime and settled for being infamous instead of famous. Eventually, however, he realized that other superpowered youths were following his example, and didn't like that at all. Also, he began to notice that superheroes were signing endorsement deals and actually turn a considerable profit using their powers, so after a while of nursing his bad reputation back to health he hopped on that gravy train. He doesn't actually care about serving the community, aside from earning their adoration by saving them from disasters.

  • AristilliusAristillius Member Posts: 873
    Used to go chaotic good, now it's lawful good. Stopped acting like I was a badass rebel because Im not. (Now Im just badass)

  • InvictusCobraInvictusCobra Member Posts: 108
    EIther Lawful or Neutral Good, because I've always wanted to do the most good as possible when it comes to any game with moral choices. Even though I don't do it much IRL, seeing and feeling the satisfaction of the people I helped always makes it worth it and I prefer to see the next man happy. That and I don't have the stomach to play an Evil character.

  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,189
    Crow said:

    Really? I view good to often be overused, cliche, and a bit of an ego-boost type of alignment

    If you only pick actions and conversation options that are purely "good" that is certainly accurate. You end up with a nauseating cliché of a goody-two-shoes. It has the inverse for evil alignments too though where you're usually a puppy-eating slaver that destroys even things useful to you. Either way you end up with a rather predictable and boring story imo. The extremes really are extreme in CRPGs and unforunately you're usually best rewarded for sticking to them. Which means we're supposed to play a brainless dolt one way or the other.

  • WalstafaWalstafa Member Posts: 116
    If I want an evil party and I'm not playing a Blackguard, I tend to go Chaotic Neutral, playing up the amoral mercenary with the occasional burst of "altruism" when it suits me.

    Otherwise I tend towards Lawful Good or as close as the limits of the class I want to play will allow me (My Bards are Neutral Good, my Blackguards Lawful Evil). I

  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 48
    I don't really know how to play Neutral, with the reputation system and all, I just view Neutral as the Purest of the Pure alignment, Lawful Neutral is fullout focus on the Lawful part, while Chaotic Neutral is fullout focus on Chaos. True Neutral is also the purest Neutral, because you are either a warrior of neutrality or just the outsider minding your own business.

    I played Lawful Good only once, and that was my Dwarf Paladin in NWN, I just find that alignment so painfully shallow and boring *since it is pretty much what society wants you to be.* It is also very contradictive, if the local lord makes raping little boys legal, do you let that law be enforced?

  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 48

    Crow said:

    Really? I view good to often be overused, cliche, and a bit of an ego-boost type of alignment

    It has the inverse for evil alignments too though where you're usually a puppy-eating slaver that destroys even things useful to you.
    That is why I chose Neutral Evil over Chaotic Evil, because Neutral Evil is either Evil in it's prime, or the full focus on yourself and assets that are useful to you. I view Chaotic Evil as just "Every man for himself" type of evil where your companions are just toys you do not really care about, also puppy eating.

  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 48
    I think that my next character will either be a Kensai, either the Neutral Swordsman (True Neutral) *like Geralt in Witcher 1*, a Warrior of Balance (True Neutral again) or just the Bringer of Ultimate Good (Neutral Good.)

  • ShadowHunterShadowHunter Member Posts: 143
    I play Lawful Good ( not to confuse with Lawful Stupid, Keldorn, Ajantis, and other Npc's blinded by their believes). I'm good and I follow the law ( when other people can see me ;) ) and I bent the law when it's needed to help others. I'm not the kind of lawful that will slaughter a drow, because it's a drow, I'll slay it when it's necessary and when it threatens other people ( that's why I save Viconia ).

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,120
    C'mon, you haven't seen The Crow, @Crow?

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member, Moderator Posts: 13,970
    edited August 2014
    I tend to play Neutral Good. And far be it from people saying Chaotic Good can't be trusted, Chaotic Good simply follows their own personal morality when doing Good. Also, Lawful Good isn't a straightjacket and "doing what society wants you to do". It's following a universal code of morality and working within the system to change it for the better.

    "Society" isn't always Lawful Good. It can be neutral, or even evil (Like societies where Slavery is seen as good and right, or child marriage or molestation. I think society tends to be more neutral rather than lawful or good. But really, in the real world, in our world, people aren't as cut and dried as alignment makes it seem. People commit evil acts- even sometimes good people do so. Or they have attitudes towards others that, while they might think of themselves as being "In the right" and "following the law" (Lawful Good), they are actually Lawful Neutral or Chaotic Neutral. A lot of people are downright Lawful Evil (using the law for their own ends rather than using the law to do good for themselves and others).

    I can't play an evil character "correctly". Even when playing Evil in Baldur's Gate, I can't bring myself to do actual evil acts and/or treat people in the way someone who was evil would. I just can't bring myself to click on that choice, and if I do, I hate myself for it. I find myself unable to get into that mindset.

  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 48

    C'mon, you haven't seen The Crow, @Crow?

    The Movie? I heard it sucks ass.
    It ain't a worthy successor to my legacy.

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,120
  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 48
    @LadyRhian Interesting views, I believe it all depends on the definition of good and evil, good people and evil people. I believe Modern Society strives to be Lawful Good, although individuals focus more on the Good part, because that is what they were raised to believe what is right, while authorities are more focused on the Lawful part, because that is what keeps Order, and Order is mainstream happiness, *in their opinions at least.*

    Play Evil, find the Evil character/alignment for you! The boy from Candlekeep too once felt guilt for committing Evil deeds, but he did what he thought he should do *not what people made him believe is the right thing to do* and cut himself away from the Weak fools that only cluttered his path to power! (Jahiera, Khalid, Imoen)

    My CHARNAME does not like rape children or anything, he does do a few Neutral/Good deeds but mainly to aid himself in a way, I also enjoy committing *Evil* acts because, well, Evil brings Power, and Power is fun. Dominating the Weak with your Powers(s) is incredibly fun.

    Also Chaos.

  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,280
    I usually play either lawful good, or chaotic good. I find it suits the flow of the game better, and I'm never very comfortable killing babies and stomping on kittens. Mind you, I never play lawful as following the local law of the land. I decide my characters background, and pick a code of conduct that works with that background. As an example, some of my characters would turn over a child who has stolen an apple and a couple of cookies to the authorities who in many places will treat that child very harshly. On the other hand most of my characters would look to see how malnourished the kid is, and try to discover who is responsible for feeding this kid, and teaching her morals. In order to follow my own moral code I could quite easily end up protecting this young thief from the city guard, but I'd still see that as "lawful".

  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 48
    @kiwidoc I thought you were one of us, I thought your Drow Cleric was Evil :*(

    Come on guys, Evil is Good.

  • SouthpawSouthpaw Member Posts: 2,026
  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,280
    @Crow - alas I am not one of you - she's a priestess of Eilestrae, not of Lolth. So sorry ....

  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 48
    My heart is broken </3.


  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,790
    I tend to roll with Chaotic Good/Lawful Neutral/Chaotic Neutral.

    It depends a lot for me on the character idea I have in my head. I'm not good at role playing brutal evil because I don't understand what drives people to kill for pleasure. I take no pleasure from it and find it entirely unpleasant. I like chaotic neutral because it allows some of my characters, usually Jesters and Sorcerer/Mages to fluctuate somewhat wildly and be slightly unpredictable. Which I find quite fun.

    Usually my fighters and Elven spell casters and clerics tend to be more chaotic good/lawful neutral.

    I would do neutral evil more but the game just doesn't allow the brand of manipulative evil I would love to play.

  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 48
    Another Chaotic Good/Lawful Neutral playah D:

    I play a manipulative sorta evil, I manipulate my companions to work for me! :D
    *Although I do secretly like them, I did not sacrifice Dorn Il Khan to the Demon in the Hell Trials :3*

    I really only manipulate others, like using lies and intimidation, because I am a rather fragile class *Shadowdancer, which is a Thief kit* I gotta use my wits more than using brutal strength, that is why me and Dorn are a force to be reckoned with, the ultimate killing machine(s).

    Dorn Il Khan also shows a new perspective at killing things for fun, I love the Bro Moments when he screams something about us two being unstoppable right after slaughtering a whole Temple of Priests and Clerics. Glorious.

    Murder is our Father's work, EMBRACE IT AS I HAVE!

  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,189
    Crow said:

    Come on guys, Evil is Good.

    There must be evil to be good so it must be good to be evil sometimes?

    I played a very interesting Lawful Neutral BGII character once, though I doubt the more hardcore RPers and DMs here would agree on his alignment; I followed and adhered to the laws of the current location as best I could, based on what knowledge of it the game gives. So Jan Jansen got rightfully sent to jail (usually does in any game of mine tbh), the scimitar-throwing loon was chunked in response to his assault, the Cowled Wizards and the drow down in the Underdark were obeyed to the extent possible. Also, no homes were looted unless the occupants were dead and of the criminal variety; a lot of loot missed out on there.

  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 48
    Really interesting character to play @Silverstar I was thinking of doing a similar, if not then other Neutral character myself.

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,120
    @Silverstar What, looting criminals' homes is legal?

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