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Best classes to beat BGEE with 2-3 people

I was planning on doing a 2-3 person run on BGEE, I have got half way using a 6 person party but I feel like I would enjoy it more with about half the people,
Right now im trying a sorc and a mage/thief combo (Im doing multiplayer so I can make my own party)
I also figured maybe a fighter/cleric for front line.



  • SticaStica Member Posts: 15
    Im also doing this on an Android. (Plays better on my HTC one M8 Than my ASUS lolz)

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    If you're comfortable with it, you really dont need a cleric. They really are best in BG1, and slow to a crawl by ToB. If you really, really want a healer, an Avenger would be a good, versatile option. You could also start a Cleric, and dc to mage in SoA. You could also try a ranger/cleric multi... lots of spell options for him.

    A multiclassed thief should be plenty of thief, and a sorcerer will provide the artillery in ToB.

    Inquisitors are brutally effective in BG2, and solid in BG1. You could likely get by without a tank, but it makes life easier to have one.

    I would try an Inquisitor, Avenger and swashbuckler dualled to mage. Avengers are powerhouses in BG1, and swashies offer good utility thievery.

  • JLeeJLee Member Posts: 648
    edited August 2014
    @DreadKhan‌ has some great ideas.

    I can't improve on them, but if I distilled the game down to its essence, at least for my style, I'd take:

    Dwarf Berserker
    Dwarf Swashbuckler
    Elf Sorcerer

    Edit: I really misread the OP. For BG1 alone my thoughts would be different.

    DreadKahn's sounds very interesting. I have never tried a group like that before. I like your original idea too @Stica‌. I also prefer small parties in BGEE.

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  • SticaStica Member Posts: 15
    Ok so I decided on a Fighter/Cleric, Sorc, and a Swash duel into a Mage.
    How will this team handle BG2EE and ToB? I was having a difficult time without having heals early game.
    Or should I stick with Inq for my tanky Dps + the dispels.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    If you are needing early healing, your tactics may not be as solid as they can be. Are you using shutdown options, like Sleep for your sorcerer. If you use a cleric in BG1, for the love of Helm be very aggressive in your spell selection. Command is very useful at interrupting spells, Hold Person is amazing, Silence shuts down casters, Clerics in BG1 shouldnt need to heal until chapter 3 or 4.

    For non-casters, are you using ranged weapons? Everyone should be until they are in melee. Ranged is awesome in BG1.

    Imho, in ToB you wont like your cleric levels much. Druids have better HLA, and Fighter Druid multis have very cool synergy with HLAs.

  • SticaStica Member Posts: 15
    Hm, maybe I really need to rethink my tactics, I am still new to BG (But not the genre) So im still learning the mechanics. I keep forgetting how effect and powerful CC is in this game.

  • SticaStica Member Posts: 15
    Any other tips you could supply Dread? I am determined to do a 3-4 Man party. I don't want to cheese it too hard either.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    The biggest tips I can think of for someone who has some experience in the genre for playing BG1 would be:

    -low levels are very dangerous. A stray arrow can kill a level 1 mage, and a crit from almost anyone can kill any character not immune... this makes warrior types that cannot use helms very vulnerable in BG1 melee. Monks, Kensai, any thief or bard, and obviously wizards are all very vulnerable to enemy crits. AC doesnt prevent crits from hitting.

    -due to the lethality,of combat early on, nobody but a plate armoured fighter with superb stats should be eager to melee. Its too easy to flub things in melee. Thus, ranged combat is your friend in BG1! Pelt folks with whatever you've got, and remember kensai/berserkers/cavaliers can throw axes and daggers, and many of those +1 to hit and damage kit abilities work in ranged combat. Feel free,to kite (run away while stopping to shoot), it,works well with a small party. Crossbows and slings arent ideal for this, but darts, bows and the speed crossbow work well.

    -Command and Larloch's Minor Drain are very,good at shutting down a spell caster. Command takes effect instantly, casts fast and has no save until 7 HD for a target iirc. LMD does low damage, but its fast enough to interrupt s
    other spells, much better than MM for this. Later, Acid Arrow, and poison effects are a good way to shut down mages. Silence is ridiculously good for shutting down casters. Darts of Stunning are effective at this too.

    -use wands and other charged magic items liberally. If you are an explorer, you wont be too short on money. Once you are down to 1 charge, you can sell the item, and buy it back (for vastly more money!) to recharge your item. Potions are one shots, but can be very handy. Use potions for hard fights. Thalantyr has some,potions for sale, some very handy.

    -thieves dont really need to max out open locks. Potions are numerous to boost this. Only a couple chests in the game need 100. Traps are similar, but the potion boosting them boosts less; aim for 80% for chapter 5 or 6. Pickpocket is useful but you can boost it, and its really less useful than stealth, open locks, find traps and set traps. Unless you are a bounty hunter, I wouldnt take set traps in bg1. You can certainly benefit from it, but its more a bg2 skill. Detect Illusion is very useful in BG2, irrelevant in BG1.

    -cc is powerful in BG1. Web is about the best, but use Sleep, Slow, Glitterdust, Confusion, Chaos if you have it, etc. Feel free to cast the same spell twice, especially Web.

    -carry lots of Antidotes and Health potions, especially for ch 4. Get some antidotes early unless reloading is okay; Hobgoblin Elites for example use poison arrows. :o

    -have fun! Try to avoid too much spoiling, and explore a bit. Stay close to the road at first, other than specific quests. You can do Minsc's quest early and without him

  • SticaStica Member Posts: 15
    Awesome thanks for the advice,
    And So starts the Journey of the triplets Tol'Rasha the Inquistor! Tal'Rasha the Sorcerer and Tel'Rasha the Swashbuckler Mage, No-reload. No revive. Which sister(s) will make it to the end, if any. (THE PLOT THICKENS)

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    If you havent recently played through the game (thus knowing all the traps aproximate locations), you should be pretty cautious with no-reload.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    Oh! Just remembered a special tip for no-reload: DO NOT melee ghouls, ghasts and carrion crawlers. :o

  • ElrandirElrandir Member Posts: 1,664
    edited August 2014
    My personal inclinations would be to take three of the most powerful multi-classes and use that.

    Fighter/Mage, Ranger/Cleric, and Fighter/Thief.

    No one is squishy, and you have all the bases covered.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    While a smaller party means way more XP, I'd like a pure caster to be throwing around some high level spells sooner. A sorcerer is perfect for that, as you're never stuck with limited high level spell selection. Solo mages need to get those 9th lvl scrolls, and iirc, thats not always easy.

    That said, your suggestion will definately work well.

  • SticaStica Member Posts: 15
    Almost lost Tal'Rasha(The sorc) In an ambush with some skeletons, with a fast chug on a invincible potion saved her neck,

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    Skellies can be nasty ranged enemies. Did you find the Girdle of Piercing? This is great for an arcane caster.

  • SticaStica Member Posts: 15
    Indeed Tal does have the Girdle of Piercing, Going to start my journey to the Gnoll Stronghold.

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    @Elrandir Brilliant. I'd go for FMT over FT, though; you won't be needing a level 30-something thief in the late game. Much better to have some Mage levels.

  • ElrandirElrandir Member Posts: 1,664
    @FinneousPJ‌ While that might be better, I think I'd prefer keeping them as just a F/T, if only to keep the character's roles more separate. Not to mention I'd rather get all my thief skills at a lower level. The way I play a thief, I could probably have 100 DI a good bit before the F/M gets True Sight, which would probably be pretty handy.

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    Yes, I'm sure it'd be fine.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    I like my crazy ideas more, but I'm crazy. Someday I'll do an Inquisitor, Avenger and Swash to Mage. It should be solidish.

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