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Strength boost in Watcher's Keep not working for main character

DiamondBootsDiamondBoots Member Posts: 8
edited August 2014 in Not An Issue
I went through Watcher's Keep so that my weak mage could get a strength boost from the Machine of Lum the Mad. But it didn't work. The dexterity boost worked, and when I tried using the strength boost on an NPC in my party it worked properly. But it doesn't work for me. My strength is 6, boosted from 5 by a Tome in BG1. But when I use the Machine, it doesn't actually boost my Strength to 7. Instead, the "6" value turns red on the stats screen. This is strange, because I don't have any Strength effects. I tried resting but it still stays that way. Even though I don't think it's related, I should say that I have SCS installed.

EDIT: I went into EEKeeper and found out the cause. My strength really was 7, but it turns out I still had the DECK04 effect "Deck Strength", which was probably from the Strength card that I drew from the Deck of Many Things. Removing it restored my Strength to 7. I probably didn't remember to remove the curse because I was already cursed from the Claw of Kazgaroth. Unfortunately, it turns out that 7 strength doesn't increase my carry weight...

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