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[BG2 ToB] Takin' Saverok or not... That's...

His_DudenessHis_Dudeness Member Posts: 3
Hi guys!
I guess there's already a lot of threads like this one.
I tried to search for some in the searchbar, but it gave nothing. And, I don't have the patience to look through all the pages.

So, it's the first time I'm playing BG2. I've played a lot BG1 back in the days, but I was such a fool that I never thought that playing with higher level guys will be great. Now, I did BGEE & BG2EE, and I'm beginning Throne of Bhaal. I've got a goody-do-good party who constitues of :

Cheesy Half-Elf Fighter / Mage good with bows and... halberds? (yeah, I know he's such an hipster)

Now, I'm to the point where I need to chose if I take Saverok in or not.
My four spellcasters are really fun and strong to play with when backed with two strong killers. Crazy-guy-with-chipmunk and old-white-suprematist-chevalier are really perfect in those roles.
Minsc is full plate dual-wielding the mighty Crom Faeyr (25 strength, guys, 25) and the best long sword or bastard sword for what's to chop. Keldorn is, of course, wielding Carsomyr, and I find his inquisitor skills so useful (spellcasters have no need of memorizing dispel magic or illusions). For Minsc, I found him fun, but I've read that he have no interesting RP in ToB. Plus, when I SMASHED REAL BAD BLOODY Irenicus, Minsc got beserk and killed Jaheira (in full plate with shield) with his 25 in a few blows. I'm starting to think that maybe I should have let him in his cage in Irenicus Dungeon.

So, I know Saverok have the best skills for any NPC, but he can't match 25, !25! of strength (sorry guys in all my humble games of AD&D, I've never seen a human with a 25). He starts at an lower level, but sure he will level faster than the specialists fighters. But he looks like really more fun in RP than Minsc or Keldorn. And I've read that you can change his alignement to goody-good.

I'm sure a lot of you guys faced this dilemma, and if you're eager to share your experience and advices (I've never played ToB, and didn't do Watcher's Keep, so I don't know what I will face, and which AWESOME weapons I'll find), I thank you very much.


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,279
    It is not necessary, since you already have two capable tanks who get along with each other.

    I, on the other hand, always try to keep 5 members in my party after chap. 3 of BG2 , so I won't have to ditch anyone when seeing my older brother.

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  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,816
    Sarevok is mostly an upgrade compared to Minsc as far as raw fighting ability goes. His stats are great and he has 2 Deathbringer abilities that aren't explicitly stated but mentioned in his biography.

    The first one is Deathbringer Assault which has a small chance to occur on each hit. It deals a huge 200 damage! Equip Sarevok with the Silver Sword, and the Ravager halberd later on, and he will instantly kill lots of enemies. Sarevok can also stun enemies on hit, though this happens even less often.

    Also if you have BP-Ascension installed, giving Sarevok's sword back to him will let him power it up to +4, steal 1-5 HP on hit, and gives 10% magic resistance.

  • His_DudenessHis_Dudeness Member Posts: 3
    Thanks guys!
    But, do you find a two handed sword that will be better or equivalent than Crom Faeyr + Best one handed sword available?

  • ArchaosArchaos Member Posts: 1,421
    I agree, on my first playthrough with my Cavalier I replaced Minsc with Sarevok.

    I had:
    CHARNAME (Cavalier)

    I like Valygar for his backstab with dual katanas and other fun stuff.

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