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Improved Invisibility

VitorVitor Member Posts: 286
I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but I've being experiencing so much annoyance with this spell.

It happened this week against "The Warden" in the Planar Prison, and against a Lich, at the Cult of the Unseeing. So, both of them cast Contigency or Sequencer and activated Globe of Invulnerability, Protection from Weapons, and other spells that made them Invulnerable, as well as Improved Invisibility.

Ok, I tryed True Seeing or Invisibility Purge, and I could see the target. Edwin prepared Pierce Magic and/or Breach, but then the spell was lost, because the target became invisible again! What the hell? And I had just 1 Pierce Magic or Breach memorized, so I had to load the game again and again, until I could beat them (and I still don't know how I could beat them).

It's weird because when I cast Improved Invisibility in CHARNAME, after he attacks, enemies often cast offensive spells (like Maze or Finger of Death) on him. But I can't cast Cure Serious Wounds with Jaheira or Anomen on him, even after he had already attacked, because he is Invisibile to them. So, I'm having such annoyance with this spell... It seems the rules works different for the player and for the enemies...

Could anyone elucidade what I'm doing wrong, or does anybody had this same issue?


  • GlidderdustGlidderdust Member Posts: 70
    Weird. I beat The Warden last night by using True Sight, Breach, then melee attack. I also lobbed a couple fireballs his way since one of my tanks was completely immune to fire.

    Did you destroy the Master of Thrall's Orb?

  • VitorVitor Member Posts: 286

    Did you destroy the Master of Thrall's Orb?

    Yes, I destroyed it.

    I beat him last night after a bunch of tries. When I got it, I think I've casted Breach on his Illusion, but the real one was still imune (I couldn't cast spells at the real one, because of Invisibility). I just could defeat him, because I summoned 5 Fire Elementals, and kept attack him like a retard. I just could defeat him when his spells expired.

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it's being really weird. On the Warden I used Invisibility Purge, by the way, but I think it was supposed to work fine as well.

  • GlidderdustGlidderdust Member Posts: 70
    Vitor said:

    I think I've casted Breach on his Illusion, but the real one was still imune (I couldn't cast spells at the real one, because of Invisibility).

    Pay attention to the text box when the battle starts. When he goes invisible, cast true sight. Then cast breach once his true form is exposed. iirc, he'll have a contingency of stoneskin when he's almost dead so have an extra breach ready.

    I had Keldorn cast true sight as soon as the fight started. I never use anything less than that spell so I'm not sure how other spells work in that situation.

  • styggastygga Member Posts: 467
    Well mislead won't be dispelled by detect invisibility. You have to kill the illusion first and/or true sight it. And they may be targeting you with that spell still when you cast improved invisibility because they possibly have the innate ability to see invisibility. Just a thought.

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