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Yet Another IWD Party

JarrakulJarrakul Member Posts: 2,028
Hello, all. Everyone else seems to be posting their parties for IWDEE, so I figured I'd get in on the game. What can I say, it sounds fun. Let's jump right in.

Sigrid Enoksdottr
Female Elf Barbarian
Chaotic Evil
A foundling of the Snow Leopard tribe, Sigrid spent her long youth as something of a pariah. What good was an elf in a culture that valued physical strength? Still, she had her race’s characteristic beauty, so the day came when the chieftain tried to take her as his wife. Sigrid had other ideas, and she beat the man to death with his own shield. For this crime, she was banished from the tribe, but she did not go alone.

After a long and abusive childhood, Sigrid tends to think of the world in terms of “kill or be killed,” caring nothing for those who get in her way. She is not above compassion, however for those she holds dear (notably her husband and her friend Isaac), and it is her affections, not her hatreds, that fuel her battle rage.

Ishild Metzger
Female Human Blackguard
Lawful Evil
Dual morningstar/dagger
Ishild is a dark knight of Loviatar, the Maiden of Pain. She knows no life but service to her goddess, and she would have it no other way. Ishild was sent with Konrad on his mission to investigate the great well of torment in the Dale, to serve as his bodyguard and the muscle to compliment his magic.

Ishild is utterly devoted to her duties, demonstrating nothing but cold-hearted sadism most of the time. Crack the surface, however, one finds a woman who truly loves her work. Which, under the circumstances, is somehow even scarier.

Asbjorn Arvidsson
Male Human Totem Druid
True Neutral
Dual scimitars
Asbjorn was an apprentice shaman of the Snow Leopard tribe and a close friend of Sigrid’s. He stood with her after the chieftain’s murder, when the tribe turned against the elven girl, and was exiled with her. A year later, the two of them were married in the eyes of the gods.

Asbjorn is more level-headed than his wife, and somewhat less cynical about the world. Still, he is no great well of compassion, believing that the natural order has room for cruelty as well as kindness, and for the protection of his family above all else.

Isaac McClaire
Male Halfling Bounty Hunter
Chaotic Neutral
Isaac is a native of the Ten-Towns, an expert hunter and tracker. He is known to trade with both the civilized towns and the barbarian tribes in equal measure, and indeed it was Isaac who first brought the exiled barbarians into contact with the Loviatarans.

Isaac is cynical and sarcastic, although ultimately he’s a better person than many of his friends. He enjoys turning the tables on those who think their status or stature gives them an advantage, and as such he has been a natural friend and ally to the downtrodden, and more specifically to Sigrid.

Konrad Strand
Male Half-Elf Cleric/Mage
Neutral Evil
Konrad is a low-ranking acolyte of Loviatar, sent to the north to investigate a source of unimaginable anguish. When his search proved fruitless, Konrad joined Sigrid, drawn by the elf’s emotional pain, and to the physical pain she inflicts on a regular basis. Beyond a simple professional interest in suffering, be believes that pain draws pain, and that Sigrid may well lead him to what he seeks before their journey is done.

Konrad is a snake if ever there was one, cold and calculating, if somewhat cowardly when confronted directly. As a fervent disciple of Loviatar, his greatest shame is that he has no tolerance for pain.

Gudrun Arvidsdottr
Female Human Sorcerer
Chaotic Evil
Asbjorn’s older sister Gudrun was possessed by a spirit of storms and rage at a very young age. The tribe respected her power and feared her wrath, and this fear served her family well. When the tribe turned on her brother and his wife, it was Gudrun who shielded them, turning execution into exile by the threat of her magic.

Gudrun spends most of her time zoned out, barely responsive to the world around her. Sometimes she stares into nothingness, sometimes she murmers softly as though speaking to someone unseen. When she does come back to reality, however, she is consumed by violent rage or icy threat. Only those closest to her have seen her in a truly stable state, and only very rarely.

*Characters end here*

"Gasp, a single-classed thief!" you say. Yup. In IWD. My suspicion is that they'll be a lot better in EE with the addition of traps and BG2 thief skills. The bounty hunter especially so, because chaining crowd control traps sound real good for IWD. So I'm going with it and we'll see how it works.

"Gasp the second, no bard!" you continue. Yup. I like bards as much as the next guy, but I couldn't fit one in this party with everything else I wanted to do. Life goes on. I'll have to run a bard-heavy party later to make up for it.

So anyway, that's what I've got. Let me know what you think. I'm also trawling for a good name for the group, so let me know if an idea strikes you.

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