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Evil PC for entire saga


I am experiencing a serious case of the re-rolls. I plan on playing, for the first time, an evil run-through and I can't pick a PC. I plan on using the following NPCs:

BG 1
and depending on need - Kaigan, Xzar, Monty, Sharteel, Tiax, and Baeloth

BG 2
Korgan or Sarevok

At first, I was thinking a dark moon monk, but I have always used two casters with access to arcane spells and, because I will only have Edwin in BG2, I was thinking I might need a PC with arcane spells. I tried a blade but can't get over not having 7/8/9 spells.

My current plan was to make a half-orc zerker and dual him (eekeeper) at the start of BG 2 (level 9-ish). (If anyone can explain how I can best do that without messing up my char, please let me know). My other thought was a sorc (for the arcane spells). I am open to anything though and would love to hear what other people have done when using the NPCs above. Any RP reasons for the particular class choice would be most welcome.

I am also using SCS for the first time if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance.


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,402
    For the dual, use your eekeeper to change your race to human, load up the save, dual into mage. Use eekeeper to set it back to half-orc. Should work okay. You still need at least 15 strength and 17 intelligence to pull this off, though. Hmm I wonder if half-orcs can get 17 int?

    If you plan a sorc, you may go Dragon Disciple and choose draconic style spells, and rp yourself as an evil dragon-born.

  • FrondFrond Member Posts: 121
    I used the same party as you through the saga, but I played as a Blade. Losing the high lvl spells wasnt that bad. Tensers, Spell Immunity and improved haste helped and I mostly used my blade for spells like Secret Word and Breach in SoA while Edwin used the Robe of Veca to melt my foes. I also use SCS and the Rogue Rebalacing mods.

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