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I tried to play multiplayer. (= How I stopped playing BG2EE multi)

(Honnestly, it quite ressembles my previous tentative on BGEE.)

That was yesterday.

We launched the game. We created a Black Pit 2 party. My friend created a character, I created one too. (his name in the lobby is " ", because nobody gave him a choice to input a name. Doesn't work for him... Same in BGEE I remember)

We spend 45 min creating characters, chatting with NPC, laughing at dialogs. Then finally we entered the arena... and died. Well, we laughed. That was hard = that was fun. We're the one who decided to play only 2 characters in the first place. We waited until the death cinematics ends. Then... Game crashed for both of us. (classic problem in multiplayer with the death cinematic... forgot !)

No problem, it's BG2EE after all. We opened the game again. No auto-save before the first battle... URK. (looks like a 1999 mistake but oh well.) Let's do it all again.

Back in the arena. This time, we remember to sleep before (we have spells ! *_* ), but once inside the arena, my friend still has the "spell failure" debuff. (in fact he already had it the time before) Weeeell. Hard, but okay. We die. We look at the death cinematics. (we are stupid). Game crash again. (same in BGEE but we didn't learn from our mistake)

We opened the game a third time. To prevent crashes, we decide that I load the game with his character. OH THE MISTAKE. It used to work in BG2, but it looks like in BG2EE, you can't load a game with a player with no character. Game crash again. (we are used to it...)

We open the game a fourth time. (honnestly I might have forgotten one or two crashes but they all look the same after the fourth one) Now, this gets funnier : my friend is unable to connect. We try several things. Still unable to connect. After 30 minutes (note: 30 minutes is quite a long time) of different kind of tries including firewalls, antivirus, voodo magic and chicken sacrifice (kinda remember me the old multiplayer mode), he finally manages to join the game. YEEEES. (we still don't know what was causing the problem but oh well.)

We are back in the arena and WE ARE ON FIRE ! We kill the orcs this time. Yeaaaah ! We did it ! We did it ! The mage is proud of us. WE DID IT DAMN IT ! WE TRIUMPHED OF THE BUGS AND WE MANAGED TO KILL THOSE ORCS ! The mage teleports us back in the...


In fact he does not. He teleports ME back. My friend just disappears. Removed from the group. Does not exist anymore. I'm now alone in the team with no clue of what just happened.

We went silent, then we laughed. We could have tried again with me taking his character. Honnestly ? That's called "futile medical care". There's a limit to what I'm wanting to do to play my favorite game. We both shut the game at the same time and decided to play LoL instead.

Dear Beamdog... I like you all. I thank you for bringing back BG2 and BG to life. I am a RPG developer myself, on bloody half-broken technology (not RPG maker ;) ), and I know how painful it is to try to fix a real RPG with gazillon of possibilities on a broken tech. Believe me, I really know what you are going through.

But honnestly, it's just unplayable.

So we stopped. And we'll play old-school IWD2 next time. And honnestly, if there is a IWD2EE at that time, we'll make sure not using it.

As for BGEE and BG2EE, I bought both, but I don't promise you I'll buy IWDEE next time. I'm sure you do your best, but I'm not sure the product is worth my money. I know it's harsh to hear, I get that kind of treatment often too.

But I figured out I'd better give you a feedback instead of just vanishing from your customer list.

Good luck !



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