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Magic Stone - improvement

Magic Stone would be a half-way useful divine spell, if it had a variant that was more like Goodberry.

Specifically, if a cleric/druid could use Magic Stone to enchant several stones ahead of time, into persistent 1d4 magic bullets that strike as +1 magic weapons. These 'locally blessed' stones could then be carried around as one of the choices in the bullet pouch.

Come to think of it, adding a spell Enchanted Arrow to the 1st level arcane selection would be cool, too. The spell would allow a caster to do same as above, except the persistent enchantment would be to a handful of arrows. They would thereafter strike as +1 magic weapons, but with only the usual chance to hit and the usual 1d6 damage.


  • MERLANCEMERLANCE Member Posts: 394
    In 2e, I think it enchanted three stones to +1 that did 1d4+1 damage or 2d4+2 vs undead. You didnt have to sling them, you could just throw them. It only lasts 30 minutes, so I think the best thing to do would be to make it unequippable like Melfs Minute Meteors or energy blades. Too much effort to go into your inventory to equip something that will only give you three attacks that you have to use in the next three minutes.

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