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Durlag's Level 2 again (spoilers)

I've previously completed Durlag's with my CD version and my GOG version of the "Original Saga".
Now I'm attempting it for the first time with my Steam version of BGEE with the latest patch installed.

My problems with level 2 are as follows:
Having looted all three dummies I tried to attack the first with a sword but my character wouldn't move to attack (nor would any of the others) so I backed off, used a sling which struck the dummy, the door closed (with me on the 'safe' side. After the Stinking Cloud had dispersed I went round and killed the first doppelganger then eventually managed to 'attack' the second dummy, took the wardstones from the room opposite and killed the second doppelganger.
Now I can't 'attack' the third dummy with any weapon, magical or non-magical and the door to the throne room won't open.
I've used the Dudleyville walkthrough to get this far because since I last went to Durlag's I've been a bit ill, was in a coma for a few days and subsequently lost a few chunks of memory.
Can anyone tell if the walkthrough is wrong, or point me in the direction of a verified accurate walkthrough (yes, I have searched in the forum archives, but couldn't find an answer to this particular problem)?


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