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How to get everything in english? (BG:EE)


I've downloaded and installed BG:EE. But (I think) because of my location, the text in the game is Polish. Audio is in English. I would like to have the entire game in English but can't change it.

When I select English as the language in the settings the text remains Polish.

Does anybody know how to change the text to English?



  • O_BruceO_Bruce Member Posts: 2,761
    So, you are native Egnlish speaker and you somehow have a Polish text?
    If I recall correctly (hasn't played this game in a while) In the main menu you go to "Opcje", then "Język", then pick English. Affirm your change by clicking on the button that's not marked as "Powrót". Restart game, and whoa - you have the full game in english.

    I guess you haven't seen the change because you haven't restarted the game or clicked a wrong button.

    As a PS, be thankful for Overhaul games. It's because of their incompetence you still were able to hear English voiceovers.

  • MonkeyMan4816MonkeyMan4816 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks! That works- really silly of me not to restart it.

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