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Recent Multiplayer Issues

Hi guys,
Myself and my partner play BG2ee, SoA, multiplayer together on two iPads through a wifi router in the same room. We have played it for a long while and nearly completing the SoA. We've never had issues with multiplayer before, normally my partner loads a game, I click on multiplayer -> join game -> enter into a lobby area -> find our game, "Southwood", log in with password. Click okay to pop up screen, then sort out who controls which player. Job done!
However, we thought we'd try and organise playing a game on the train by linking my 3G network to my partners wifi. We tried a few things (hotspot etc), tried the protocols to change how we log in, it didn't work we gave up. Now we are unable to get into our multiplayer game. We can load the game up, but cannot get into the "lobby" area to find the game.

I've tried reinstalling the game on my ipad with no success. How do we solve it?
I've also looked into setting it up through IP but really cannot seem to make it all work. Help would be amazing.



  • EthelbertEthelbert Member Posts: 3
    Okay... Solved my issue. It's a plaster.

    The issue still remains that we are unable to connect to the server as we previously did, but instead I have set up port forwarding and DMZ through our router.

    Use this website;
    Select router - port forwarding guide on left, click supplier and type of router. Follow steps it outlines for Baldurs Gate I and II.
    I also put the device that hosted the game into DMZ .

    Hope that helps other people.
    There does seem to be errors with the multiplayer protocol though.

  • Drow_ArrowDrow_Arrow Member Posts: 73
    edited October 2014
    @Ethelbert‌ the only issue with DMZ is it leaves whichever device is in the DMZ open to attack without any protection from the access point it's getting to the internet through.

    While this isn't really a major problem if you're not browsing the web with the device in question while it's stationed in the DMZ i just thought i'd make you aware of the affects of being in the DMZ.

    personally I would suggest taking your iPad out of the DMZ when not playing BG2EE.

    EDIT: and while i remember, if you've got your port forwarding setup properly you shouldn't need to be in the DMZ to begin with... (note that only the person hosing the game needs the ports forwarded).

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