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[Not an Issue] Fighter Class Should be able to allocate 5 stars at a weapon (Solved, my bad)

dnthymamaidnthymamai Member Posts: 8
edited October 2014 in IWD:EE Bugs (v1.4.0)
(EDIT: I thought I could put 5 stars from the beginning)

Hey guys, I just installed Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition in my PC and I went to create a Fighter. I chose portrait, race (I tried with many different races, if by any chance there was a problem with the race), abilities, etc, then went on to allocate stars (proficiency slots) in my weapons.

Just to remind you, a fighter can allocate 5 stars (Grand Mastery) to any weapon, and 3 stars to the two-weapon style contrary to the 2-stars-maximum at any other weapon style. (We all know this).

The problem is that I could only put 2 stars at any weapon! I did not choose Paladin! I chose Fighter! I thought my memory had failed me at first, because I had chosen the Berserker Kit, but still, when I chose the default Fighter, I could not put more than 2 stars at anything! Moreover, only 2 stars even at the two-weapon style!

This is a bug right? I don't think they made it that way where you can only put 2 stars at the character creation, and then rise up to 5 stars when you are higher level. Because at BGEE and BG2EE you can put 5 stars at a weapon from the beginning!

(My PC's hardware is, although it doesn't matter in this situation, but just to be typical:
Windows 7, Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, 3 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT)

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  • Sylvus_MoonbowSylvus_Moonbow Member Posts: 1,002
    edited October 2014
    BGEE only allows 2 slots at character creation for a standard fighter when selecting weapon skills for first level. You will gain additional availability to add another star as you gain in levels and become more powerful, up to a maximum of 5 stars.

    IWDEE is also the same.

    Travel safe brave warrior @dnthymamai, and may you find adventure, fortune and fame in your travels!

  • dnthymamaidnthymamai Member Posts: 8
    edited October 2014
    Sh*t. Omg you are right, how noob can I be. Just confirmed what you said, then I remembered putting 5 stars at BG2EE in the past, so I just started a new game with fighter, put five stars, but I saw that I was at level 7! Thats why BG2 allows you to put 5 stars... Damn, sorry for that guys, thx man!
    Someone close or even better delete this post! :P

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