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End of the game

I know what's happening at the end of the game: you confront with your big bro Sarevok and his cronies and save the world from being ruled by a man with an utter bad taste in clothing. What I want to know is if there is something more than that, since you should continue to BG2:EE. I mean, is there something to explain what happens between the end of the first game and the start of the second? Can I loot end bosses bodies? Will I be brought with my actual party to the next chapter of the series?


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 2,813
    edited November 2014
    Not really, because BG1EE and BG2EE are separate games.
    However, there's a mod that allows you to explore BG1 further, even after Sarevok's death, which means you can search your final enemies' bodies (your bro has got nothing, though) and carry on with unfinished quests.

    It's in the modding section of these forums.

  • Darigaaz87Darigaaz87 Member Posts: 125
    Yeah, I thought there was already a mod for that, but I'm not sure I want to mod the game. When I was playing the versions of the games I used to mod them heavily, but with this versions I don't know if it's worth, since whenever a new patch comes out my mods will be deleted and my saves will be worthless.

  • scriverscriver Member Posts: 1,743
    The rumour has it that the in development "Adventure Y" might be bridging BG1 and 2. It seems pretty likely, from what little we'be seen so far, but it is not for certain yet, and we do not know to what extent either.

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    Bg2 does explain more about what happened at that battle, but it is a separate game and while you do get serevoks sword, it's begins a few month after you kill Serevok. It's definitely worth playing regardless.

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