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How do I Play on more than 1 Mac? (moving saves etc)

LaucianNailorLaucianNailor Member Posts: 22
edited November 2014 in New Members Welcome Area

I work away from home during the week and so although I use an iMac at home, I use a MBP when away.

I've just bought (and loving) IWD:EE and have put in a few hours at home during the weekend. I bought it from GoG and wondered how I could carry on playing from my latest saves when I'm on the road.

I can download and install again from GoG on the MBP and thought about using dropbox to copy my latest save position between machines. (I realise I'd have to copy from the Iceland Dale folder in Documents to Dropbox and then copy it out of dropbox to the IWD folder on the other machine and vice versa) In a way, manually do a sort of Cloud storage approach.

Are there other files that I'd need to move between the machines to make this work?

Apologies if this has been asked before, I've tried all combinations of search and nothing obvious has been returned.

UPDATE: Well I downloaded and installed IWD on my MBP and the transfer of the save folder through dropbox seemed to work fine and where the only files that needed to be transferred. I was worried there was some other files stored elsewhere but this doesn't appear to be the case :)

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