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[Windows] IWD:EE - Cursor Problems

HeavyPHeavyP Member Posts: 4
I hope this is the right subforum for this. I am currently running Windows 8.1 on a fairly high-end laptop (I'll post the specs when I get home if necessary). I downloaded and installed IWD:EE via the Beamdog standalone client last night and immediately ran into issues with the cursor.

The game started in fullscreen, and on the IWD/HOW select screen I could move the cursor over the entire screen, but I couldn't interact with much of it. It was as if the game thought the buttons were lower on the screen than they were displaying - I had to click below the IWD icon to select it, and the bottom row of buttons was unusable (as they're on the edge of the screen). I skimmed the forums and found what seemed to be the solution: Alt+Enter to take it into windowed mode, then disable the Hardware Cursor option under Graphics.

However, I now have a different problem. Running the game in fullscreen, I am unable to move the cursor over the bottom or far right portions of the screen. It stops a couple inches away from each edge like I'm running into the edge of the screen. If I change to windowed mode and then maximize the window, the game runs normally as far as I can see, but hovering the cursor at the edge of the screen doesn't auto-scroll the screen in that direction, I have to use the arrow keys to manually scroll the screen.

Any ideas as to what is causing this or what can be done to fix it?


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