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how to multiclass

ArkangilArkangil Member Posts: 5
Hi all,

I am trying to make a multiclass halfling fighter/thief. I know about the right levels to do it and all that, but I can't physically do it. When I go to the level up screen, I only have the option to select the fighter abilities, and click accept. How do I actually select a thief level? Where to I press on iOS?


Edit: I should specify I am referring to IWD:EE


  • ShikaoShikao Member Posts: 376
    I think you mean dual class.
    You can choose multiclass (two or three classes from beginning) only during character generation for nonhuman races.
    As for dualling - start in one class, then switch to other - it is only available to humans.

    I assume no mods allowing for dualling for other races

  • macomeaumacomeau Member Posts: 80
    Do you mean multi-class or dual class? Multi-class characters are non-human (like Halflings), and are created at character creation as multi-class. Humans can dual class by switching to a new class later on in the game. It sounds like you want to dual class a halfling, which isn't possible. If you want a fighter/thief halfling, you have to make them on when you create them.

    I know, it can be odd and confusing if you're new to 2nd edition AD&D rules.

  • ArkangilArkangil Member Posts: 5
    That explains it, I knew dual-class was done on level up, but I thought multiclass was as well. I didn't realize multi had to be selected at character creation. That was the missing piece. Thanks all.

  • ShikaoShikao Member Posts: 376
    @Arkangil‌, just to clear it up as well.
    You don't dual on level ups. You can dual at any point as long as you have reached at least level 2. In fact, it's highly recommended to dual right after you levelled up to desired level to reduce any experience loss as new class starts at 0 exp.

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