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finally signed up

Hi all,

I played the original BG + ToSC back in the early aughts, and I loved it. I jumped all over BG:EE when it came out, and have played through it 4-5 times. I never played SoA back in the day, but recently picked up BG2:EE. I can't say that I enjoy it as much as the original so far--I prefer the openness of the original, and its music--but I'm giving it a shot.



  • rufus_hobartrufus_hobart Member Posts: 489
    Excellent, hope you continue to enjoy, and welcome to the forum! There's a whole lot of people, myself included, who enjoy BG1 over 2 for just that reason, so you're not alone. There are a myriad of threads on just that topic alone, #2 definitely takes a different approach I always found but I find them both highly entertaining. If you can get over the railroading aspect of BG2, I'd also recommend trying Icewind Dale, again a different feel but terrific setting and music makes it definitely worthwhile trying if you enjoy these sorts of games.

  • ArtemidorusArtemidorus Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the welcome! I also like to play with CHARNAME + one NPC, so right now I'm missing out on some of the NPC interactions that people like so much about BG2. Eventually, I'm sure I'll play through with a full party.

  • rufus_hobartrufus_hobart Member Posts: 489
    Hah yeah that's definitely the bonus of BG2, the NPCs are fully fleshed out, but if you do the rotating roster trick of swapping in one and dropping the other person off, you'll get to experience most of them if you prefer not to play with a full complement of folks.

  • GarrikGarrik Member Posts: 17
    I'd totally agree with you dude I always enjoyed Baldurs Gate 1 to 2....must because of that low level feel combined with the frustration of Sleep and Charm spells lol.

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