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Gauntlet of Valor?

Do they work? I've never seem them stun a target I don't think ... does that only work when you use the charged ability? Doesn't read that way


  • schreierschreier Member Posts: 79
    edited November 2014
    Oh well ... doesn't seem to really have much use at this point (I'm assuming it's broken?) Sorry for replaying to my own post, but I figure I'll give it one last shot.

    Here's its Item description:
    "An extremely valuable magic item on its own, the Gauntlet of Valor is part of one of only three remaining Power Arms made by the elven archmages of Myth Drannor. The devices were crafted for use by champions defending the ancient elven city on the rare occasions when it was in danger. This eternally shining gauntlet represents a pinnacle of elven craftmanship and enchantment. Adventurers and ambitious villians across the Realms yearn to find the location of all the pieces of the Power Arms.


    Equipped abilities:
    -Immunity to Charm, Hold, Sleep and related spells

    Combat abilities:
    -12% of all hits cause 3d6 points of crushing damage and stun the target for 3 seconds

    Charge abilities:
    -Wearer can invoke the innate powers of the Gauntlet of Valor three times per day to be used as a weapon.

    THACO +1
    Damage: 1d4+1 (crushing)
    Proficiency Type: Fists

    Weight: 2

    Not usable by:
    Wizard Slayer

    Based on that, I would think that 1/9 hits would do an extra 3-18 damage and stun ... which sounds awesome on top of regular damage. I have never seen it work - it's possible that it only works when the Charge ability is used, but it doesn't seem to indicate that in the text.

    I am also really curious about the other pieces of the Power Arms ... anyone have a clue?

  • JarrakulJarrakul Member Posts: 2,029
    You experience matches my own. I still use them for the immunities, but the stun thing doesn't seem to occur, and it reads like it should.

  • macomeaumacomeau Member Posts: 80
    Could file a bug report and see what the devs say, whether it's the gauntlets not working correctly or the description being unclear. Either would be worth fixing.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    The "Combat abilities" section is referring to the weapon form. The item itself is working correctly, the description just needs to be clarified. (Go ahead and post it in the bugs forum, we'll be sure to take a look).

  • schreierschreier Member Posts: 79
    edited November 2014
    Awesome - thanks! It seemed either really powerful (if it always worked) or relatively useless (if you need to use the weapon form). The immunities aren't bad, but giving up 1 ac and 1 dex, or 18/00 strength, or +1 THACO and +2 damage is a pretty big cost.

    Wow - that was a super quick fix! You guys are great

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