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Does the ctrl Q cheat work in Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition?

In Baldur's Gate the ctrl Q cheat allows any character in the game to join the party as an NPC. This cheat was in the original Icewind Dale, but the game would invariably crash to desktop within a few seconds of using the cheat. It would certainly be an enhancement if the original's cheats actually worked this time around!

Is the ctrl Q cheat in the enhanced edition of Icewind Dale? If so, does it definitively work (unlike in the original game)?

The reason I ask is that having NPCs in my party is very important to me and is literally the difference between me buying the game or not. I was very disappointed when I played the original Icewind Dale for the first (and as a result, only time) and found that NPCs did not exist. I tried to circumvent that by having several characters that I liked throughout the game join via ctrl Q as I would do in Baldur's Gate. I was never successful due to the game crashing whenever I used the cheats. I have read that regular NPCs were not included in the Enhanced Edition, which ostensibly means that I will never play the game, but I am hoping that maybe the ctrl Q cheat at least works, which would make my playing the game a theoretical possibility.


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