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Can seeking Sword be enabled for non-kitted Clerics?

AdsoAdso Member Posts: 122
Via tools, etc, does the IE code allow for non-kitted Clerics to have the Seeking Sword ability, perhaps as an innate ability or how PoH have it? IF so, then what about Multi M/Cs?

This is for an RP specific setup, not for the utility or usefulness of SS.



  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,466
    edited December 2014
    Sure. The mod framework I posted here can do it:

    1) Comment out the lines for fighter in the .tp2 file
    2) Uncomment the lines for clerics (where you see "CLABPR01.2da")
    3) Copy the text file in "/misc/" and rename the copy for clerics
    4) Plug the new cleric text file's name into the cleric line in the .tp2 file that you just uncommented
    5) Open the new text file and remove the Whirlwind spells from the 15th and 25th columns, and add the Seeking Sword spell via "GA_xxxxx.spl" in the column for whichever level you want to add it at (I don't know the "xxxxx.spl" filename for Seeking Sword but you can find it in Near Infinity)
    6) Congrats, you've made a mod! Install it and play.

    MC clerics get the same abilities as base clerics (i.e. from CLABPR02.2da) so they'll be affected too.

  • AdsoAdso Member Posts: 122
    Great thanks. Is this one of those "only way to do it" vs say editing a Char file with EEKeeper? I'll use your solution of course, but for an MP game, this mod would then have to be installed on every player's game install that comes&goes into the game? Or perhaps only the host's machine? (me)


  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,466
    I've never played multiplayer, but my understanding is the modlists have to be identical. (Probably the easiest way to do so is to simply install mods on one computer and then use something like Dropbox to distribute the override folder, simply replacing the override folders on the other computers with a 100% identical mod setup.)

    To allow clericS to get Seeking Sword it's easiest to make a mod like this. To allow ONE cleric you're playing to get Seeking Sword, EEkeeper would probably be easier. But EEkeeper modifies savegames, and I have no idea if/how it handles multiplayer games, having not played multiplayer. Someone else can probably weigh in on that.

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