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BG:EE Voices in BG2:EE

I just imported my Final Save in BG2:EE and was wondering if there's a way to import my BG character voice into BG2. Can you help me out?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,133
    go into your bgee game folder (not the one from "my documents", the one that is inside the 00766 folder), the one that has a "lang" folder, choose the language you want and then open that folder, then copy paste all the sounds files of the selected sound you want to use, into the bg2 sound folder of that given language, ( by doing the same steps above) now if I remember from back in the day, the sound sets were different on how they worked from bg1 to bg2, because in bg2 they added a whole bunch of new things that characters could say that weren't in bg1 for example ( spell failed, trap set, critical hit banter, critical miss banter) so the sounds may not match, for example male1a from bg1 could be a battle cry, while making it male1a in bg2 could make it the "tired banter" and also you might have to rename each sound file as well, so for example if you like male3 from bg1, you couldn't just copy paste it to bg2 because you would be over writing the bg2 sound set, so you would manually have to rename each soundset, and note, the last letter determines what the sound will be used for in game, so for example, say the war cry sound is "a" it would be marked as xxxxxxa ( the "x" being whatever you wish to call the file) so on and so for

  • FallenAasimonFallenAasimon Member Posts: 28
    edited December 2014
    You can extract the soundset from BG1's sound folder and allocate on BG2's ("lang/en_US/sounds"). You might have to rename it so you don't overwrite any stuff. Make sure to use the same file name pattern ("XXXXa.wav", "XXXXb.wav", etc).

    You may want to add subtitles but it gets trickier. The easiest way I found was to download the Simple Customize Mod so there's no need to edit any 2DA file and follow intructions from a fellow user (I edited his post for better comprehension):

    1. Download Simple Customize Mod ( and extract it inside your BG2 instalation folder

    2. Open setup.tra file inside bgee_customize Folder in your Notepad

    3. Replace each 'XXXXXXX' in the filenames with the name of the sound set (MAX 7 CHARACTERS).
    All the wav files should be 22 khz, 16 bit mono sounds.

    XXXXXXXa.wav : Battle Cry
    XXXXXXXb.wav : Becoming Leader
    XXXXXXXc.wav : Tired
    XXXXXXXd.wav : Bored
    XXXXXXXe.wav : Badly Wounded
    XXXXXXXf.wav : Selected 1
    XXXXXXXg.wav : Selected 2
    XXXXXXXh.wav : Selected 3
    XXXXXXXi.wav : Action Acknowledgement 1
    XXXXXXXj.wav : Action Acknowledgement 2
    XXXXXXXk.wav : Action Acknowledgement 3
    XXXXXXXl.wav : Being Hit
    XXXXXXXm.wav : Dying
    XXXXXXXn.wav : In Forest
    XXXXXXXo.wav : In City
    XXXXXXXp.wav : In Dungeon
    XXXXXXXq.wav : Daytime
    XXXXXXXr.wav : Nighttime
    XXXXXXXs.wav : Rare Selected 1
    XXXXXXXt.wav : Rare Selected 2
    XXXXXXXu.wav : Rare Selected 3
    XXXXXXXv.wav : Rare Selected 4
    XXXXXXXw.wav : Reaction to Party Member Death

    For example your "Becoming Leader" wav you should name it DURANb.wav or simple FEMALE7b if you don't want to bother with 2DA editing.

    For example:
    @0 = ~Everyone will benefit under my leadership.~ ----> string where your PC getting the partyleader.
    Change it to:
    @0 = ~I will lead the group!~ ----> or whatever you need

    @1 = ~Oh, you know...I could really use some rest.~ ----> is the XXXXXXXc.wav : Tired. Rename your wav file FEMALE7c.wav and change it to whatever you need in the setup.tra file:
    @1 = ~Stop. I am tired. I need rest.~ ----> or whatever...

    @12 - ~~ ----> A blank string doesn't print any text, that's useful for a "Being Hit" sound, for example

    Do it with other commands from the list. Don't miss any @number until @18 (@0, @1, @2, etc) else it won't work. Save it.

    4. Rename the your sound files you took from BG1 sound folder according to the list ("FEMALE7a.wav", "FEMALE7b.wav", etc) and place them into the bgee_customize\Sounds folder.

    5. Install the customization mod.

    5. Start the game and pick the "female7" soundset (no matter of your gender).

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