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Help With EE Keeper "Innate" Really cool idea... I think anyways....

Howdy Folks. Won't try to claim I know a whole lot about what I am doing or try to use any language I don;t even understand.... Ontly been playing BG - BG2 for about 2 years, just started my first attempts at modding anything about 3 days ago. So here was my idea, just using EE Keeper for starters ( seems pretty easy comparitvly speaking ). I made a DM monk a while back and used sweet pic of Sub Zero. Like no modding needed really, could be called the sub zero kit. Maye alter resists a bit but whtever. So then I thought, hey, scorpion would be cool too. And sun soul has fire stuff... ok no problem. So now want to do Lawful N unkitted monk with reptile.... ok, acid.... wait.... daarn it, cant seem to change the frozen fist to corrosive ( same ability, just acid and green effects, invis not blur, shapechange dunno, yuan-ti then maybe earth ele end-game? Using some mimic acid spit and glob, and acid resists and lowered cold resists now, but I really, relly want that corrosive fist. I have the resource codes, think in the right spot, but tbh, I am pretty clueless here.... Help?

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