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Wild Mage an Anachronism in IWD?

This likely has been brought up before, but it just kind of dawned on me the other day as some friends and I were going through some FR stuff....

One can play as a Wild Mage in Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. Wild Magic was a direct result of the Time of Troubles, which occurred in 1358 DR (in FR Timeline). Icewind Dale takes place in 1281 DR, over 70 years before those events.

Which of course begs the question - Are all Wild Mages in IWD time travelers? >.<



  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,018
    kcwise said:

    She may be ‘waiting and seeing,’ and she (or Azuth) may well send some of their powerful servants (including Chosen) to curb individual wild mages who seem to turn wholly insane or who “throw their weight around too much.” For now, however, the rare wild mages in the Realms seem free to follow the path they’ve chosen.

    As a side note, there used to be a notation in one of the original rules sets stating that insanity precluded spell casting. I rather suspect that this is one of those rules that got thrown out somewhere along the way. I just find it interesting, the inconsistencies.

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