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The monk's "Perception"

HenlikuothHenlikuoth Member Posts: 22
edited December 2014 in Feature Requests
In BGEE the Dark Moon Monk starts with an icon on his portrait as well as character screen that
is labeled "Perception". Since there is not further description, I am not sure what that
specifically means. Does it indicate the monk's ability to detect illusions?

However, in BG2EE the icon disappears. I would like to see the icon in BG2EE also, because
it obviously means something.
The icon is constantly seen in BGEE, so it seems to be an innate ability that is constantly active.
If the icon represents the detect illusions ability, then the monk would detect illusions always,
without needing to hit the find traps button.

That said, I would like to suggest a few improvements for the monk that I consider to be
appropriate as well as balanced.
I think the detect illusions ability should be an innate ability of the monk that is constantly
active, without the need to search actively for traps.
Regarding the find traps ability, the monk is not able to disarm any traps, so I consider
this ability of a monk a waste, because all he can do is watching the found traps without
being able to do anything else. It does not make sense to me at all, which is why I think
there should be an improvement.
The find traps ability should be removed from the monk and instead he could get another
ability that suits him as a monk more.

The other abilities, hide in shadows as well as move silently, would only make reasonable
sense to me if the monk had a little backstab ability, like with the factor of x2. That little
backstab multiplier would not be too strong, and the thieves would keep their dominance
in delivering the highest backstab blows in the game. At the same time the monk would at
least get a little advantage out of his stealth ability that would increase the fun playing with

So far are my ideas. I would endorse something like this to be implemented.

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  • GrammarsaladGrammarsalad Member Posts: 2,577
    I agree about find traps. And a detect illusion special ability likely implies a new opcode, so I definitely agree with that one. I'm less certain about backstab--I'm not sure that it fits them--but I'm not exactly against it. Personally,I think hide/ms is pretty useful even without bs... and anyway, it's pretty easy to mod backstab for monks (and/or sneak attack in iwdee).

    I'm trying to think what would be good in the place of find traps...not pick locks; not set traps(though would also easy to mod btw); not pick pockets. I suppose turn undead might be a possibility (may be moddable). Cast spells(?) I think the monk was a priest kit in 2e, and so could cast cleric spells. That'd be quite an alteration (though one I would like). Not bard song. Did I miss anything?

  • HenlikuothHenlikuoth Member Posts: 22
    The backstab is just an idea. Of course there are many other nice ideas possible. For example,
    another option would be to give the monk in stealth a chance to stun or paralyze the opponent,
    as long as his attack is unarmed, which would also fit to the monk's character.

    Regarding find traps, in my view it should be removed completely, because I cannot see any sense
    of finding traps when the ability of disarming them is not there also.

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