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BG2 Tweaks Romance Cheats

GoodSteveGoodSteve Member Posts: 607
So, I just got the BG2 Tweaks mod after reading that it could be used to remove race restrictions from the romances. Lately I've had a hankering to play a Dwarf Wizard Slayer and would really like to be able to partake in a romance comes BG2. After going through all the other options the mod gives you (many of which I decided to add to my game) it got to the Romance Cheats section of the installer and just skipped it saying it wasn't compatible with my game. Is this common for a BG:EE and BG2:EE install? Does this portion of the mod not work with BG1/2:EE? If so, are there any plans to have this work with the EE versions of the game?

A timely response would be much appretiated.


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