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Date lost on even recent posts

GreenWarlockGreenWarlock Member Posts: 1,354
One the calendar clicks over a month, the forum no longer gives the date of an older post, just the month. This is particularly annoying on month boundaries, where yesterday's post could be 31 days older and we would be none the wiser. However, I see no reason to lost the information anyway - why not display the whole day rather than just the month as the forum used to do? Does this information now get scrubbed?

I do find the date of posts to occasionally be very useful. For example, it was really handy to visit the News forum and know the exact date of a patch release - this helps us cool our heels when it feels like we have been waiting forever for a patch to make it onto a later platform, which has in fact only been a couple of weeks but feels much longer when you are the one waiting. We no longer have access to that info, so quickly assume the worst...

I have also used this information when responding to other posts as well. It can make a real difference understanding timing to know if a post was at the start or the end of a month, when concerned about how long something has been going on. Matters perhaps less after a year or so, but losing that info after only a day, or even a couple of months, can really have an effect.


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