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Please help: Nathaniel Mod (v 4.4) does not work correctly

SamSam Member Posts: 10
edited December 2014 in BGII:EE Mods
The mod can be installed, but it doesn't work correctly, the following issues occur:
1) I can't initiate a dialogue with Nathaniel, which I should be able to do. There would be a lot of dialogue available, and I am not sure if you can romance him or have a complete friendship with only the conversations which he initiates.
2) He takes 4 damage when my party first meets him, whenever I load a savegame and whenever his unique katana is equipped.
I've tried to contact the creator of this great mod, but she cannot be reached, there has been virtually no activity in the mod forum for months. So if you have played the mod as well and/or have found a way to circumvent these issues, especially the first one, please let me know.


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,433
    You should be able to initiate dialogues with him only after certain amount of lovetalks from him. So you should wait for him to talk to you a few times first. After a few dialogues have passed you can flirt with him by initiating talk. These don't progress the romance, though, they are fun. The talks he starts are what push the romance further, and there is an onligatory quest with his ex in trademeet at some point. If he does not talk to you after days have passed in-game, it is a bug. And I fear there are many, many bugs in this otherwise beautiful mod.

  • SamSam Member Posts: 10
    Ok, thank you very much, I will try it again then. Apparently this version of the mod differs from previous ones, because if I remember correctly I could talk to Nathaniel right after recruiting him then. So I assumed it was a bug when I couldn't do so in the EE version. Anyway, I am also planning to alter Nathaniel's class (to Dual Fighter/Thief) and stats with EE Keeper because his original class is quite annoying imo. This will also mean altering his alignment to Neutral Good. I hope these changes won't cause problems, what do you think?

  • SamSam Member Posts: 10
    edited January 2015
    Everything works now, thank Goodness, but I don't know why exactly. Anyway, it's no problem to edit Nathaniel's class and alignment with EE keeper, if you want to make him more useful in combat and/or use him as a thief. I converted him into a normal fighter and dualed to thief at level 13. Now he's a great companion AND useful in combat. Note that you need to change his stats as well in order to meet the dual-class requirement if you plan to do the same.
    - When his katana is equipped and when you meet him for the first time at the docks, he takes 4 damage. So I'd recommend to use other weapons.
    - When I entered the Temple of Lolth for the first time in the Drow City, Nathaniel started acting as if I was initiating a dialogue with him all the time. I could do nothing about it, the key which is supposed to fix the issue didn't work either. In order to circumvent the issue, save before you enter the temple. If you have the same issue, reload, remove him from the party and tell him to wait. You can then recruit him back when you have left the temple.

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