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IWD Custom Character Biographies

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,582
One of my favorite parts of IWD is the fact that you can make the party your own. I'm a big fan of Forgotten Realms and love to work my characters into the world's rich setting. I'd love to see some people's IWD character biographies (or a BG protagonist bio if you would rather share that). Here's a bard I created for IWD and any thoughts are appreciated. Grammar is likely imperfect but then again so am I. :-) I'll post a few more characters in a bit. I left pics out because I have no idea what is copyrighted and what is not.

Rylas Red-Eye
Chaotic Neutral

STR: 15, DEX: 18, CON: 16, INT: 16, WIS: 8, CHA: 15

You had never heard of a bard named Rylas Red-Eye before coming to Icewind Dale, though Rylas himself is quick to point out that you should have. He then follows this statement by telling you what seems to be his entire life story in excruciating detail. Your mind admittedly begins to wander after the first ten minutes or so, though you still pick up on several points along the way. Among them is the fact that Red-Eye is not an actual name, but rather a moniker Rylas claims to have been given after once reducing the entire royal court of Tethyr to tears with his telling of "The Tragedy of Shyllisyrr Ithil". Sad tales such as this seem to be his specialty, though Rylas claims to have had little choice regarding the melancholy nature of his performances. With this comment he launches into another story of an encounter he once had with a witch while part of a band of traveling mummers in the nation of Sembia. Apparently, Rylas made several jokes at the woman's expense when her cart had broken down on the roadside. It was a simple attempt to raise her spirits he assures you, but the old crone did not appreciate his jests. In reprisal, she placed upon him what he claims is the most awful curse with which a performer such as himself could ever be stricken. Because of it, neither his tales nor songs will ever again bring a smile to another person's lips. With a deep sigh, Rylas says he has learned to take his penance in stride, dramatically stating that "It is the bittersweet moments in life that remind us of those which are otherwise." While you are by no means an expert in such magics, you find yourself doubting that a curse as peculiar as the one he describes truly exists. However, before you have a chance to question any of his claims he is already onto the next tale. By the time he divulges to you how he answered the age old question of whether or not a lich can cry, by serenading one with an elven lament to lost love, you have concluded beyond the shadow of a doubt that Rylas Red-Eye is quite simply, full of shite.



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