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Alternate 'hardcore' run, The time of sacrifices

I wish to share my own little rules because I'm having a blast using them so far. (BGEE+SCS+BG1NPC)

- Only using saves done in inns and temples (obv try avoiding going to inns every 10 mins).

- Each time that Charname dies, launch a D8:
a 1 means perma-death,
a 7 or 8 means you can reload without penalties,
any other result means you have to sacrifice one of your crew member permanently (and randomly), if you wish to reload.

The point is SCS on core rules is quite challenging already, and a pure no-reload run seems a bit too hard to be fun.
However I thought a minimal reload challenge should be harsh when it comes to death penalties, also the emotional cost to lose a loved NPC seemed appropriate plus I like the risks of perma-deaths for Charname and NPCS, so I ended up with this!

(I have to confess, I added a +1 bonus to dice rolls in rare cases when the death cause looked quite ridiculous)



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