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Planescape : Torment. About The Trascendent One. SPOILER

MasterteoMasterteo Member Posts: 110
edited January 2015 in Off-Topic
As the title said, The Trascendent One.

I have beaten the game as a fighter, with low intelligence and wisdom, meaning that 50% of the story was cut off for me.

Now as now i'm playing as a mage, hoping to get 19-20 intelligence and 24 winsom, so that i can unlock all the dialogues.


What i ask is not really a spoiler, i just wanted to tell my theory about The Trascendent One. And i would be glad if you can tell me if i'm close or not to what really is it. *** if i'm totally wrong, don't spoiler too much please ***

So... Trascendent One. The embodiment of TNO's mortality, separated from TNO thanks to Ravel Puzzlewell.

Why is he keep killing TNO? What i think is simply that The Trascendent One developed a self-awareness after being divided from TNO.

So, knowing that it would die if it would merge with TNO, it started to keep killing TNO. So The Trascendent One afterall is only driven by fear, the fear to cease to exist.

And kills TNO in hope to damage his mind until he would be only a useless shell. At that point, TNO won't ever be able to merge with The Trascendent One, so The Trascendent One will be truly immortal, without enemyes.

The Trascendent One aim so is to secure it's immortality as a god of that realm called "fortress of regrets" in the Negative Plane.

That's what i think, more i will discover now playing as a mage, i at least a bit correct?



  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,145
    edited January 2015
    Yeah. You've got it right. Actually you didn't lost most of the endgame dialogs (just some parts, I'd recommend re-playing the game as a Mage, it's worth it), and most of the information about TTO is revealed there (I think Ravel/Trias or Fhjull Forked-Tongue says something about him to you, and IIRC Morte and Dehionarra say something too in some moments).

    Also, TTO has all of the previous experiences of TNO (he even mentions learning magic with Lum the Mad IIRC), so he's much more powerful than TNO.

    BTW, to get all the content in the game level up until Fighter 5, make yourself a Thief up to level 6 and then become a Mage till endgame. Be sure you're a Thief when you have Annah in you party (she'll teach you thieving abilities and such). :)

    Edit: spoiler'd.

  • MasterteoMasterteo Member Posts: 110
    oh, why thief with Annah before mage?

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