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Movement rates

TimebombTimebomb Member Posts: 20
Does anyone know how I can modify movement rates of various CRE files in Near Infinity? I'm reworking a Shapeshifter Druid with the various Shapeshifter and Avenger forms but don't want to have to rely on giving some forms haste to make them move at a decent pace.

I can't see movement as an attribute in NI anywhere, and the furthest I got googling this is that movement is set by the chosen animation. But that doesn't seem right since Barbarians and Monks can have tweaked movement...


  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,937
    You can choose between opcode 126 and opcode 176. They are very similar except that one of them is unaffected by "Free Action".

  • TimebombTimebomb Member Posts: 20
    OK, thanks. I'm not that good at adding abilities from scratch yet, I've failed multiple times. Do you know of a CRE in the game that has the effect already in place, so I can look at it?

  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,937
    edited January 2015
    Rasaad uses opcode 176, and opcode 126 is used by several familiars. You can find many more by using the Extended Search feature of Near Infinity.

  • TimebombTimebomb Member Posts: 20
    Thanks. I was trying to use the set value type, but it didn't work. Once I started using the incremental value type, it worked, I'll just have more work to modify each creature by different values rather than using a set value for all.

  • TimebombTimebomb Member Posts: 20
    Ok, this isn't working out. Using the incremental value type just isn't working properly, weird speedups are happening between forms that have no rhyme or reason. Things behave one way in BG2 and another in BG1 etc.

    Can somebody help me to just SET a certain movement rate? I just want to pick the number that I want for all forms. So if 0 is immobile and 10 is haste, I want 6. Across the board, for each cre file I choose. If it has to be done in an ITM file then so be it. Does anybody have experience with the trials and tribulations of movement rates?

    Props to the patience of modders. This is getting pretty damned tedious....

  • TimebombTimebomb Member Posts: 20
    edited January 2015
    OK, I got some tips, so for anyone else interested:

    -Edit the form's ITM, not the CRE
    -Add effect 126 to the bottom of the list
    -Use the Set value type, then enter the value you want. 10 is about the speed of the wolf
    -Make sure to select Permanent/while equipped so it will only stay with the form
    -Set probability1 to 100

    I've done this for all my forms, and it works well. the only odd ones are the wyvern and elementals which require values of 11 to be the same speed as the rest for some reason.

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