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Timers not advancing (BG2EE; console enabled)

BejogoBejogo Member Posts: 38
Hello all,

*sigh*. I suppose this is what I get for 'roleplaying'...

We're all in agreement that 8PM is no time for adventurers to hit the hay, I'm sure. So Shammers the elven sorcerer and co. sat around in the Copper Coronet for a few hours, shooting the dung and drinking Amnian ale. Summary: I hit Ctrl+T a few times to advance the in-game timer.

A few rests after this, I noticed that Jaheira's first nightmare about Khalid wasn't triggering. I used the GetGlobal console command to check what the "JaheiraRomance" timer was up to, and it was at 400K odd. I walked around a bit, checked again... still at the same figure.

So I checked another variable, "MinscRemindsImnesvale". I should note that his first reminder had triggered as intended, just after I stepped out of the D'Arnise keep. However, the timer appeared to be static when checking it.

Later on, Anomen started carping on about how important he is, which I presumed to be the first dialogue of his quest to become less of a jackass. Again, no prompting required... however, Jaheira's anxiety dream still wasn't occurring without console correction, and the two timers I was using the console to check (Jaheira's and Minsc's) didn't seem to be advancing of their own volition.

I jumped into another save, checked the NeeraLoveTalksTimer variable using the console, walked around a bit, checked it again... likewise, no movement. I should point out that I haven't used Ctrl+T on this save.

Now, to my questions:

1) Am I completely misinterpreting the way in-game timers work? (I know Jaheira's romance was always prone to bugs, and if Overhaul hasn't managed to fix the pathfinding [despite their bold claims that the latest patch did], it's perfectly feasible that they didn't fix this);
2) If not, has Ctrl+T (or something else) graunched my game?
3) If it has, is there any way to fix it? I'd really not like to have to play through having to manually calibrate all the sub-plots, and invariably missing a bunch of dialogue that won't trigger.

Thanks in advance.


  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 737
    edited February 2015
    You are indeed misunderstanding the way the game handles timers. You'll find detailled explanations here.

    A timer variable never decreases. When the timer starts, the variable is set to current time + duration of the timer. It's the game time that increases and when it reaches the timer variable, the timer expires and the event can occur.
    Note that there two types of timers and two corresponding time counters: one that increases according to the ingame time (also increased by resting) and one that increases by the IRL time you spend in the game (i.e. the length of your gaming sessions).
    Typically banters and romance events are handled by the second type, so that they don't depend on how many times you rest in game but how much time you spend playing.

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  • BejogoBejogo Member Posts: 38
    Splendid stuff, thanks very much for the reply.

  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 737
    You're welcome.

    I fixed the link to point to the IESDP website instead of my local copy. Thanks @Jalily for the warning.

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