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More wolves please!

RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,611
I would like to ask for advice from those who are familiar with the varies mods that add a few more encounters and challenge to Baldur’s Gate: EE I have never tried any of these type mods, in fact I usually run the other way. :) But lately I find my Candlekeep orphan is less than terrified to take that next step along the Coast Way road. This will just not do.

As I stick that first toe into the waters of more challenge, I find myself easily lost as I try to figure out if any of them might have what I am looking for. I’m really not ready for anything that makes all of the beasties in the game more difficult. And please, none that make mages smarter or thieves use their abilities in more cleaver ways. I just would really like to add a bit more.

For instance, one of my favorite parts of the game is at the very beginning when your protagonist is very weak and ill equipped. Just this morning, mine was hunting in the Lion’s Way area. She hoped to catch some creature with a snare to feed herself and Imoen with, or perhaps a wolf that she might skin in order to have something to sell in a nearby town. Unfortunately, there was little game to be found, and of those, none of the hides could be salvaged.

This got me thinking. I would really like to find a mod component that added a few more of the low level critters to the game. Maybe one that added a Winter Wolf here and there. Or perhaps a low level creature that would drop it’s bullets and sling. It has always puzzled me as to why so many enemies drop bow and arrows, but not slings. Surly the more primitive weapons that hurl small rocks would not be so hard to find.

Does such a thing exist? I realize that this might not be a very popular mod idea and it probably doesn’t exist, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Thank you for your time.



  • kotekokoteko Member Posts: 179
    edited February 2015
    I can't help much, just to say that I don't know any mod implementing exactly what you ask for.

    A good one that increases overall difficult is Sword Coast Stratagems, however it might be too much for you, if I read correctly your post. It was a bit annoying for me at times, as I prefer depth to tactical challenge.

    That said, some of the components MIGHT actually do what you ask. I've installed everything from SCS to give it a try, but you might decide not to install the "Tactical challenge" component for example.

    Here's a list of them all:

    "Gameplay Tweaks" makes for example Bears faster, that might appeal a hunter-like PC. Wolves come in much more numerous packs, but are "neutral" by default, like dogs. If you come close, they might (or might not) became "red". As far as I've seen, the wolves start running away even if they become hostile.

    Hope this helps a bit. As a side node, since you seem to like role-playing in BG, you might want to try BG1 NPC project, Unfinished Business and Mini Quests and Encounters. I cannot play without them anymore, they add a lot of BG2-like depth IMHO.

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  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,611
    Thank you for your helpful suggestions @koteko
    I have shied away from mods like Sword Coast Stratagems in the past as I assumed they would increase the difficulty too far beyond my comfort level. But it looks like I should check into it more closely. The component addressing wolves and bears does sound interesting.

    I am also a big fan of the BGI NPC Project and the Mini Quest Encounters. I haven’t tried the Unfinished Business one yet, as I read in several places that it adds much greater difficulty. I like a little bit of challenge in the combat, but the roleplaying aspects of a mod are the first thing I look for.

    Thank you again for your kind reply.

  • kotekokoteko Member Posts: 179
    UB, as far as I know, doesn't change difficulty: just depth. Meaning you have more quests, NPC interactions, some fixes (Kagain's quest can be finished now) etc. Also some creature and item restoration and correction. Here's the README:

    If it's RP you are looking for, UB is quite a nice addition :)

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,289
    I second @Koteko's comments re: both SCS and UB.
    If you like BG1 NPC and Mini Quests & Encounters, you'll like UB. No difficulty enhancements, just more depth. Highly recommended for someone who likes the story aspect as much the combat aspect (if not more). In the same category, Lure of the Sirine's call, could be something to your taste.

    The nice thing about SCS is that it's divided into different parts that are subdivided in components you can decide to install or forgo. Many people install only the enhanced AI components (that make opponents behave in more logical ways). That could be a start for you.

    With the other components that boost certain creatures or that enhance the difficulty of specific battles you could ask yourself: do I find this creature/battle easy to deal with in vanilla BG? If so, then you could consider installing the corresponding component, if not you can just pass.
    I really like SCS Mutamin and his improved Baslisks with Better Calls for Help for example. In vanilla that area is supereasy with a scroll of Protection from Petrifcation, but I find it quite thrilling with Mutamin who can remove your PfPetrification and with basilisks that direct their gazes at unprotected party members (rather than the nearest party member)...

  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,611
    Thank you for your helpful insight. It is helpful to hear other peoples thoughts on what some of the mods might offer someone looking for more role-play options or story depth, rather than just combat difficulty. Unfinished Business does sound like a must try for me.

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