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Sylvanus Windrunner Soundset ( BG:EE & BG:EE 2 )

CaeDaresCaeDares Member Posts: 182
Hello everybody.
I was a part of the old BG's and now I want to finally get a full playthrough of BG:EE and BG:EE2.
However, the character soundsets that come with the game bore me. None of them match the type of character I'm wanting.
I've already looked over several guides on how to create my own soundset, but it's just not as easy as it used to be, which is extremely disappointing.
I'm wanting to get a soundset of the old Sylvanus Windrunner (The Dark Lady) from Warcraft. There's a soundset available for the original BG, but I don't think that'll work with BG:EE / BG:EE2.
If anybody could kindly put the soundset together for me, that would be amazing and I would hugely appreciate it. I don't have any way of paying for it as of right now, but if you'd like, I could always start up a game on either BG:EE or BG:EE2 with you.

In case someone does this for me, here are the sounds I would like to have in the soundset (I do not require every sound, but if you could keep Drangerd.wav, which is one of her jokes, in the soundset, I would love it, but again, not required.)

Thank you, in advance.



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