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Safely Killing the Otyugh in Chateau Irenicus

So... I have read multiple accounts of people fighting the otyugh safely using a long weapon from the platforms, but this never works for me. The beast always hits first as I close, as if it has a longer reach. Just wondering what I am missing.


  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,107
    Positioning is the key. Move your cha with the long weapon near the edge of the platform, where the otyugh doesn't reach it, then click on attack. Sometimes the attacking character step closer to the otyugh, but with luck you should find the right place.

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,591
    edited February 2015
    If you position one attacker at each door and alternate attacks you can confuse the hell out of it - it just goes backwards and forwards between the two doors without ever actually reaching either of the attackers.

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  • VreejackVreejack Member Posts: 50
    lolien said:

    Positioning is the key. Move your cha with the long weapon near the edge of the platform, where the otyugh doesn't reach it, then click on attack. Sometimes the attacking character step closer to the otyugh, but with luck you should find the right place.

    I suppose that's what I am missing. I just have not found the spot yet. Playing SCS so no missiles and I cannot afford to get hit if I want to complete it.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,410
    You can do stealth attacks with Minsc. Drop his armor. Hide in shadows. And go smack the monster with your two hander. Immediately turn tail and run for the stairs and retreat to the corridor before the monster can catch you. Hide and repeat. The monster will die in 5-6 hits from Minsc. If you are careful and have good reflexes the monster won't have time to reteliate.

  • LillyOberonLillyOberon Member Posts: 14
    edited August 2019
    As a sorcerer I usually decide to learn Skull traps as my first spell level 3. In this case I had forgotten about the creature. But my game is set to auto-pause in case an enemy is sighted. I threw 2 successive skull traps in direction of the beast.
    Lilly Oberon: Auto-paused: Enemy Sighted
    Lily Oberon Casts Skull Trap
    Olyugh saves vs spell : 18
    Olyugh takes 15 magic damage from Lilly Oberon
    Lilly Oberon Casts Skull Trap
    Olyugh: Takes 30 magic damage from Lilly Oberon
    Olyugh: Death

    Gameplay set to : normal mode
    Sorcerer level 8 :
    Level 8: 6/5 6/3 5/2 3/1
    the first number represents how many spells the Sorcerer can cast at
    that level and the second number represents how many spells the Sorcerer knows at
    that level. So I could throw up to 5 skull traps in a room. I follow the advice from « BGEE CHRIS LEE PARTY CREATION » for my spell list except that for instance the spell Skull trap is my first choice because I like to play cheesy with a cup of coffee in one hand and not to much fuzz.

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  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,208
    edited August 2019
    You can also use Jaheira (or your own spellcaster PC, if available) to summon up some meat shields (Minsc says, "I'm a meat shield toooooo!") with Animal Summoning I and send them ahead into the sewer pit for the Otyugh to play with while you shoot it down with missile weapons spells (thanks for the clarification, jmerry!)

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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,500
    That won't work - the Otyugh is immune to missile damage.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,208
    Really? Totally immune or just highly resistant? Because I recall fighting other otyughs later in SoA (there's one that spawns randomly in the Unseeing Eye sewers) and I don't recall having to swap out my archers' weapons. (Although it's possible my melee types just killed it fast enough that I didn't notice.)

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    here a video of a player killing the beast in less then 1 minute in an insane tactics mod and scsii setting, much more challenging then vanilla only. watch from min 10:30.

    i never felt the need to chease the battle using the sweet spot where he can not retaliate, no challenge no fun. and if a player is also not able to find by himself that sweet spot also no skill/research is involved.

    it is possible to do it, it was fun for who discovered the tactic, but to do it following a pre made recipe is as difficult as using Crtrl K to win, imho it is much better to lower the difficulty and fight in a fair way, at least it brings to the player some experience.
    mine is a hint to have more fun, not a judgement on other players style or way to have fun gaming.
    if the question is done to understand something and not to actually use it in the game then it is different.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    I usually accept that I'll need to rest after fighting it, and just deal with it head on. It's not that tough unless you're soloing, and if you plan to rest after, you can usually find a reliable way to kill it without much risk, be it bombardment by spell or straight up melee damage. Maybe traps even for a Bounty Hunter, who knows? Then again, if it's immune to missile damage, it'll be immune to mundane traps IIRC, but maybe not special Bounty Hunter traps?? Dunno for sure. Assassin I'd guess would backstab, then poison it, then run away and laugh at it. Minsc can usually batter it to death just fine, especially with Jah to help, and Imoen tossing out a magic missile or two.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,500
    Traps? Immunity will block the damage, but not the other effects. So, then, a level 1-10 snare will do nothing, a level 11-15 snare will deal 6d6 poison over three rounds, a level 1-10 special snare will slow on a failed save, and a level 11-15 special snare will hold on a failed save. Coming in with the SoD experience cap for the 11th level makes a big difference, but you're still probably better off using the traps elsewhere and dealing with the critter with hit and run backstabs.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    edited August 2019
    with 2 hasted characters, one of them invisible, you can have the latter go to the opposite platform, then both using long reach weapons can hit him at the back as he is focusing on the other toon.
    haste make possible to retreat safely as he changes target and make possible for the other toon to reach his back fast and attack. and it is only 1 more of the possible tactics ;)

    many ways to win the battle with almost no scratches...
    but copying from others easy victory tactics like to use a certain spot where you can hit him but he can not hit you will never allow the player to find out his own tactics that work, this is true here and in so many other battles. and is the same reason why i never use the anti beholder shield in my playing, i 100% like the cheese, but it must be a tasty one, sometimes really stinky, but must have some taste, involve some research and must need some skill to be performed.

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