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Help making a Half-Orc Bard


I have a silly request but hopefully it won't be a demanding one. Basically I'd like some help making a Half-Orc Bard. I realize this would require a bit of editing so I found a program called EEKeeper which seems good, but maybe there is a more ideal method?

I tried making a human bard then editing his race to Half Orc, this works but does not automatically adjust stats like base health and strength. If somebody could give me some guidance on what the proper stat changes should be I'd appreciate it.

Me and some friends tried D&D5e over Skype a few days ago and I thought it would be fun to drop the Chaotic Evil, 300lbs obese Half-Orc-Bard "Norbert Nippleberry" into the world of Baldur's Gate. I'll attach part of his character sheet if anybody is curious about the monstrosity.



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